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Maddison Glover (AUS) - October 2020
One Too Many - Keith Urban & P!nk : (3:24)
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Dance begins after 16 counts.

Side, Sailor x 3, Behind, Side
1,2&3Step R to R side, cross L behind R, step R to R side, step L to L side (slightly forward)
4&5Cross R behind L, step L to L side, step R to R side (slightly forward)
6&7Cross L behind R, step R to R side, step L to L side (slightly forward)
8&Cross R behind L, step L to L side
Note: The above 8 counts should travel slightly forward.

Mambo Forward, Mambo Back, Side, Rock, Cross, Side, Rock, Cross
1&2Rock R fwd, recover weight back onto L, step R back
3&4Rock L back, recover weight fwd onto R, step L fwd
5&6Rock R out to R side, recover weight onto L, cross R over L
7&8Rock L out to L side, recover weight onto R, cross L over R

Vine ¼, Pivot ¼, Cross, Side, Together, Forward, Side, Together, Forward
1&2Step R to R side, cross L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping R fwd (3:00)
3&4Step L fwd, pivot ¼ R (weight on R) (6:00), cross L over R
5&6Step R to R side, step L together, step R fwd
7&8Step L to L side, step R together, step L fwd
Note: For beginner classes, reinforce that on count 8 when they take their left foot forward that it is now going stay there for the next four counts (your right foot will be pivoting you around).

Slow Pivot ½, Chase ½ Pivot, Rock Forward, Recover, Coaster Cross
1,2Step R fwd, pivot ½ turn over L (weight on L) (12:00)
3&4Step R fwd, pivot ½ turn over L (weight on L) (6:00), step R fwd
5,6,7&8Step/ Rock L fwd, recover weight back onto R, step L back, step R together, cross L over R
Note: Emphasise count 5-6 is a SLOW rock/ recover.

Restarts: Start walls 2,5 & 8 facing 6:00. Restart after count 16 (facing 6:00).

Ending: After count 16, stomp R to R side.
Facebook: Maddison Glover Line Dance

Choreographed as a split floor for the Intermediate dances to this track.

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LouiseG October 31, 2020
My beginners may struggle with 3 restarts. So I may pitch this to my high beginners instead

Metaltigger October 31, 2020
Agreed Louise, 101% not a Beginner.. and a little over the edge for and Advanced Beginner. With the number of syncopations and 3 restarts I would (Professionally) pitch this dance at those just starting Intermediate level.

Murphsmum November 4, 2020
Steps are good though...... I've been dancing Nev and Julie's One too Many for weeks now really love it and think I would love dancing this one of Maddison's too ............Not to bothered about what Maddison has set the level at think its down to all teacher discretion anyway,they should know their dancers capability LouiseG try doing this one without any restarts me thinks it will work fine and with a bit of luck might end on the front wall. If it works and you think your dancers would llove it ask Maddie for permission

YA Dancer November 10, 2020
I quite like this one....would suit my improvers best. Nice dance

Pony Chen November 13, 2020

Diane Ellis November 13, 2020
Here are some great alternate songs - no restarts:
Breathe Again, Toni Braxton; I Know I'm Not The Only One, Sam Smith; Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden

Cindy Stepper February 1, 2021
Such a cute beginner dance, the restarts have really no effect since every time you are at back wall it is a restart the entire dance. Love this dance

LouiseG February 4, 2021
How do I stop receiving updates to these comments LOL

Neil February 4, 2021
Just click on "MY ACCOUNT" on the black bar, click Edit, and untick the box for receive an email, You will no longer get any updates.

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