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Absolute Beginner
Norman Gifford (USA) - November 2020
Things - Billie Jo Spears : (Album: C'est la Vie - iTunes)
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(Walk, hold, walk, hold, mambo-step, hold)
1-4Right step forward; hold; left step forward; hold
5-8Right rock forward; left replace; right step back; hold

(Steps back, hold, back, hold, coaster-step, hold)
1-4Left step back; hold; right step back; hold
5-8Left step back; right together; left step forward

(Side mambo-steps with holds)
1-4Right rock side; left replace; right together; hold
5-8Left rock side; right replace; left together; hold

(Two half-speed pivot turns ¼ left each)
1-2Right step forward; hold
3-4Pivot turn ¼ left; hold (weight on left foot) [9:00]
5-6Right step forward; hold
7-8Pivot turn ¼ left; hold (weight on left foot) [6:00]




Tom @ CRRC December 10, 2020
16 count dance. Correct counts: 1 2 3&4 5 6 7&8 1&2 3&4 5 6 7 8 Pay attention to the bass line.

Norm March 11, 2021
That is all a matter of interpretation, Tom. This is an Absolute Beginner dance which should never have "&" counts.

Norm March 11, 2021
Take a look at the original sheet music for the timing. It is in 4/4 meter and the strong beats are on 1 and 3 in each 4 beat measure.

tomgcoleman March 30, 2024
Experiment with either count, see which works better for your group. Priority on simple and teaching the use of "hold"? Then go with the holds. Priority on teaching the use of "and"? Then go with the ands.
If the group you are leading has many who have never done dance before, then going with the "holds" would be easier to grasp.

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