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ACD (aka Ambras Castle Dance)

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Roy Verdonk (NL) - October 2020
Traan op Mijn Kussen - John Medley
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Section 1: Weave R, Chasse R, Back Rock
1-2RF step side, LF cross behind
3-4RF step side, LF cross over RF
5&6RF step side, LF close, RF step side
7-8LF rock back, recover on RF

Section 2: Side-behind ¼ Left, Triple Step fwd, Rocking Chair
1-2LF step side, RF cross behind
3&4¼ over Left, LF step forward, RF close, LF step forward (9:00)
5-6LF rock forward, recover on RF
7-8RF rock back, recover on LF
Restart in Wall 4

Section 3: ¼ Pivot, Cross Shuffle, Rock side, Behind Side Cross
1-2RF step forward, make ¼ turn L (weight on LF) (6:00)
3&4RF cross over LF, LF step side, RF cross over LF
5-6LF step side, recover on RF
7&8LF cross behind RF, RF step side, LF cross over RF

Section 4: ⅛ Paddle Turn 2x, Jazz box Cross
1-2RF touch forward, 1/8 turn L (weight on LF) (1:30)
3-4RF touch forward, 1/8 turn L (weight on LF) (3:00)
5-6RF cross over LF, LF step back
7-8RF step side, Cross LF over RF

Restart in Wall 4 after 16 counts facing 6:00

Last Update - 14 Nov 2020


Pony Chen November 10, 2020

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