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Wanna Go Home

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High Intermediate
Tony Myers (UK) - November 2020
Home - Blake Shelton
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#16 count intro

Cross, Back, Side, Cross/ Back, Lock, Back/ 1 1/4 triple turn, step/ Side, together, Forward
1&2&Cross right over left (1) step back on left (&) step right to side (2) cross left over right (&)
3&4Step back on right (3) Lock left over right (&) step back on right (4)
5&6&Turn 1/4 left on left (5) turn 1/2 left back on right (&) turn 1/2 left forward on left (6) Step forward on right (&) 9:00
(Easy option 1/4 shuffle left l,r,l forward on right.)
7&8Step left to side (7) Step right next to left (&) Step forward on left (8)

Cross shuffle, 1/4 left on left/ Cross Rock and Side/ Sailor step, Point/ Sailor Turn
1&2&Cross right over left (1) Step left to side (&) Cross right over left (2) Turn 1/4 left forward on left (&) 6:00
3&4Cross rock right across left (3) Recover on left (&) Step right to side (4)
5&6&Step left behind right (5) Step right with left (&) Step left to side (6) Point right to side (&)
7&8Step right behind right (7j Turn 1/2 right step left to side (&) Step right to right to side (8) 12:00
#Restart.(alter count 8 to touch right to side)

Touch & Touch,Hook/ Mambo Turn/ Turn, Turn, Walk Walk/ Cross, Turn, Heel
1&2&Touch left toe forward (1) Step on left (&) Touch right toe forward (2) Hook right over left (&)
3&4Rock forward on right (3) Recover on left (&) Turn 1/2 right step forward on right (4) 6:00
5&6&Turn 1/2 right back on left (5) Turn 1/2 right forward on right (&) Walk forward on left (6) Walk forward on right (&)
7&8Cross left over right (7) turn 1/4 left back on right (&) Dig left heel forward. (8) 3:00

Back Rock,Forward Rock/ Coaster Step/ Forward, touch, Forward, touch/ Kick, Turn, Out, Out
1&2&Rock back on left (1) Recover on right (&) Rock forward on left (2) Recover on right (&)
3&4Step back on left (3) step right to left (&) Step forward on left (4)
5&6&Step forward on right (5) touch left to right (&) step forward on left (6) touch right to left (&)
7&8Kick right forward (7) turn 1/4 right step out on right (&) Step out on left (8) 6:00

Tag: There is a 2 count Tag at the end of walls 2 & 5. You will be facing 12:00 wall both times.
1 2Sway right (1) sway left (2)

Restart on wall 4. After 16 counts restart from beginning. You will be facing 6:00 wall
Alter count 16 to 'touch right to side'


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