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All We Are

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Arefen Ben Djunaed (INA) & Mitha Primasari (INA) - August 2020
All We Are - Richello
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I. Diagonal Step, Touch, Diagonal Step, Brush, Jazz Box
1-2Step R diagonal forward - Touch L beside R
3-4Step L diagonal forward - Brush R
5-6Cross R over L - Step L back
7-8Step R to side - Step L forward

II. Monterey Turn, Rocking Chair 1-2 Touch R to side - Turn ¼ right stepping R next to L
3-4Touch L to side - Step L next to R
5-6Rock R forward - Recover on L
7-8Rock L backward - Recover on L

III. V Step, Diagonal Back Step, Touch 1-2 Step R diagonal forward - Step L diagonal forward
3-4Back R back to center - Step L next to R
5-6Step R diagonal back - Touch L beside R
7-8Step L diagonal back - Touch R beside L

IV. Grape Vine, Travelling Turn
1-2Step R side - Step L behind R
3-4Step R side - Touch L beside R
5-6Turn ¼ left stepping L forward - Turn ½ left stepping R backward
7-8Turn ¼ left stepping L side - Touch R beside L

Tag - Do a freeze or 4 counts freestyle tag after wall 2

No Restarts.


Wiwin@Pur November 18, 2020
Like it...
Nice choreo ❤🎶

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