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The Good Ones

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Sara Magli (IT) - December 2020
The Good Ones - Gabby Barrett
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Dance begin after 16 counts

Side, side, close, step, step, side, hold, together, cross, side
123&4step L to L side, transfer weight back on R, L close to R, R step in place, step L forward
56&78large step to R, hold (drag L towards R), L close to R, R cross over L, step L side

Back, ronde, back, ronde, coaster, forward, forward
12step R back (sweeping L backwards anti-clockwise) 34 step L back (sweeping R backwards clockwise)
5&6step R back, L close to R, step R forward
78step L forward, step R forward

Forward, turn, forward, turn, forward,forward, turn, side
12step L forward, turn ½ right stepping fwd on R
34step L forward, step R forward turning 1 (full turn) on left
5678L forward, R forward turning ¾ right, finish on R foot

Cross, side, cross shuffle, full turn+1/8 rolling left
123cross L over R, step R side, step back on L
4&5cross R over L, step L to L side, cross R over L
678turn ¼ L stepping L fwd, make ½ turn L stepping back on R, turn ½ L stepping L to L side (finish in diagonal)

(*)Rock fwd, back, coaster step, rock fwd, back, coaster step
123&4Rock R diagonal fwd, transfer weight back on L, R back, L close to R, R forward
567&8Rock L diagonal fwd, transfer weight back on R, L back, R close to L, L forward
(*) attention: this part is not included in the 3rd sequence

Rock fwd, back, R fwd turning 3/8 on R, forward, forward turning ½ L, back, coaster step
12Rock R diagonal fwd, transfer weight back on L
34step R forward turning 3/8 R, step L forward
5step R foward turning ½ L
6step L back on L diagonal
7&8rock R back, close L to R, step R forward

During the 3rd sequence, restart after 40 counts [must avoid this part (*)]

DANCE.IT (Sara Magli, Isabella Ghinolfi, Giuseppe Piromalli)


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