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At Christmas

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High Beginner
Sabrina Deike (DE) - December 2020
At Christmas - Kylie Minogue : (3:46)
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Dance starts after 16 Counts

Section 1: Jazzbox, Point, Cross, Point, Cross
1,2,3,4Cross RF over LF, Step LF back, Step RF Side, Step LF fwd,
5,6Point RF Side, Step RF Slightly Cross over LF,
7,8Point LF Side, Step LF Slightly Cross over RF,

Section 2: Jazzbox ¼ Turn R, Heel, Together, Heel, Together
1,2,3,4Cross RF over LF, Step LF back 1/4 Turn R, Step RF Side Step LF fwd,
5,6RF Heel fwd, Step RF next to LF,
7,8LF Heel fwd, Step LF next to RF,

Section 3: Rock Recover fwd, Shuffel ½ Turn R, Rock Recover fwd, Drag back, Tap
1,2Step RF fwd, Recover on LF,
3&4Shuffel 1/2 Turn R, stepping RF, LF, RF,
5,6Step LF fwd, Recover on RF,
7,8Drag back with LF, Tap RF next to LF,

Section 4: Rock Recover back, Brush, Step fwd, Diagonal Stomp LF, Heel, Toe, Heel Swivel towards LF
1,2Step RF diagonal back, Recover on LF,
3,4Brush RF diagonal fwd, Step RF diagonal fwd,
5,6Stomp LF fwd to L slightly diagonal, swivel R Heel in towards LF,
7,8Swivel R Toe in towards LF, Swivel R Heel in towards LF (weight remains on LF),


Wall 3, Wall 6, Wall 9
Wall 3 (6:00), and Wall 9 (6:00), Restart after Section 3
Wall 6 (9:00) Restart after Section 2

ENDING: Wall 17 (6:00) Dancing Section 1, Section 2 dance Jazzbox 1/2 Turn R, R Heel fwd, Step RF next to LF
Step LF fwd (12:00)



Alfonso December 7, 2020
It such a cool dance. I love it.

janne valeska December 8, 2020
just what i need on a cold winter´s day...

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