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Country Life

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Peirina Svensson (SWE) & Emma Johansson (SWE) - December 2020
A Country Boy's Life Well Lived - Jon Wolfe
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Intro: 32 counts / 13 sec

Sec1. Step touch, back kick, back hock, step scuff.
1 2Step forward on R,touch L behind R
3 4step back on L foot, kick R foot forward
5 6step back om R foot, hock L foot in front of R foot
7 8Step down on L foot Scuff R foot from back to front

Sec2. Rocking chair, step turn L ½, step hold
1 2 3 4Rock R foot forward, Recover on L, Rock R foot back, Recover on L.
5 6 7 8Step forward on R foot, turn ½ Left, step forward on R foot, HOLD

Sec3. Full turn R, Hold, V step
1 2 3 4Turn ½ over Right shoulder stepping back on left, turn ½ over R shoulder stepping forward on R, step forward on L, hold
5 6 7 8Step L foot onto L diagonal step R foot forward onto R diagonal step L back to center, Step R beside L

Sec4. Monterey turns
1 2 3 4Point R foot to right side make a ½ turn R, point L foot to left side, step together.
5 6 7 8Point R foot to right side make a ½ turn R, point L foot to left side, step together.

Sec5. Toe heel swivel x 2, jazz box
1 2 3 4Touch R toe beside L, touch R heel beside L, touch R toe beside R, touch R heel beside L.
5 6 7 8cross R foot over L, step L foot back, step R foot to R, cross L foot over R

Sec6. Forward lock step x 2
1 2 3 4Step forward on R foot to diagonal, lock L foot behind R, step forward on R foot scuff L foot
5 6 7 8Step forward on L foot to diagonal, lock R foot behind L, step forward on L foot scuff R foot

Sec7. Cross rock, side rock, behind side turn left
1 2 3 4Cross rock R foot over L foot, recover onto L foot, rock R foot to R side, recover onto left foot
5 6 7 8step R foot behind L foot, turn ¼ to L stepping on to L foot, step forward onto R foot, Hold

Sec8. Step turn step right, full turn L, ¼ turn L
1 2 3 4Step forward on L foot, turn ½ right, step forward on L, HOLD
5 6 7 8Turn ½ over left shoulder stepping back on R, turn ½ over left shoulder stepping forward on L , step forward on R foot, recover and make a ¼ turn to left.

*Restart: on wall 5, dance to count 40 then restart the dance facing 6 O'clock
*Tag: (8 counts) at the end of wall 2, Do the first 8 counts of the dance then start the dance again from the top


arron December 13, 2020
Excellent song and choreography, teaching this tomorrow!

Peirina December 13, 2020
Wow! Thank You!

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