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Play That Funky Music

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Young Kim (KOR) & Youn Kyung Kim (KOR) - December 2020
Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
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Intro: 32 Count - NO Tag, NO Restart

SECTION 1: Diagonal forward Big step RF ,Touch LF, Diagonal forward Big step LF ,Touch RF,Switch R.L, Unwind Full L Turn
1-2RF Diagonal forward step (1) LF Touch beside RF(2)
3-4LF Diagonal forward step (3) RF Touch beside LF(4)
5&6&RF touch R side (5) RF step beside LF (&) LF touch L side (6) LF step beside RF (&)
7-8Cross RF over LF (weigh RF) (7) Full Turn L (weigh LF) (8)

SECTION 2: RF Toe Touch , 1/2 L turn LF toe touch, Cross-side-Together *2
1-2RF forward toe touch (1) step RF in place with 1/2 L turn (2) 6:00
3-4LF forward toe touch (3), step LF in place (4)
5&6RF cross over LF (5) step LF side to L (&) step together RF beside LF (6)
7&8LF cross over RF (7) step RF side to R (&) step together LF beside RF (8)

SECTION 3 : Weave step , Cross-side-Touch, side-together-side with side kick*2
1&2&Cross RF over LF (1) Step L to L side (&) Step RF behind LF (2) Step L to L side (&)
3&4Cross RF over LF (3) Step L side to L (&) Step touch RF beside LF (4)
5&6Step R to R side(5) step L next to R(&) step(little jump) R to R side with LF side kick (6)
7&8Step L to L side(7) step R next to L(&) step(little jump) L to L side with RF side kick (8)

SECTION 4: 1/4 R Sailor, 1/2 L Sailor, Kick-ball- back touch*2
1&21/4 turnR RF behind LF (1) Step LF beside RF (&) RF step forward (2) 9:00
3&41/2 turnL LF behind RF (1) Step RF beside LF (&) LF step forward (2)3:00
5&6RF kick forward (5) RF step beside LF(&) LF back toe touch(6)
7&8LF kick forward (7) LF step beside RF(&) RF back toe touch(8)

Enjoy the dance & Have Fun !

For more information about this dance please contact me at:


Hyunji December 18, 2020

young December 20, 2020
Thank you~♡♡

Babs888 December 24, 2020
Very nice dance. Fun and funky!

young December 29, 2020
Thank you~Thank you

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