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What You Say of Me

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Junghye Yoon (KOR) - December 2020
You Say - Lauren Daigle
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Intro : 16 Counts

Sec.1: Walk, Walk, Walk, Rock FWD, Recover, Back, Back, Back, Toward, Side
1 2&Step Forward RF (1), LF (2), RF (&)
3 4&Rock Forward on LF (3), Recover on RF (4), Step Back LF (&)
5Sweep RF From Front to Back with Step Back RF (5)
6Sweep LF From Front to Back with Step Back LF (6)
7Toward RF beside to LF(7),
8Step RF to right Side (8)
[Arm Movement : Stretch your right hand forward and raise them up (3), Slowly put your right hand down (4&), Stretch your right hand from behind to front (5), Stretch your left hand from behind to front with Collect your hands (6), Pull your hands forward to your chest (7), The left hand pulls forward to the chest & open your right hand to the right (8)]

Sec. 2: Side, Rolling Turn R, Turn 1/8 L Step, Diagonal Forward Point, Diagonal Back Point, Turn 1/2 R, Press, Recover, Together
1 2Step LF to Left Side (1), Turn 1/4 R Step Forward RF (2) (3:00)
&3Turn 1/2 R LF beside to RF (&), Turn 1/4 R Step RF to right Side (3) (12:00)
4&5Turn 1/8 L Step Forward LF (4), Point Forward RF (&), Point Back RF (5) (10:30)
6 7Turn 1/2 R Weight on LF & Point Forward RF (6), Press Forward RF (7) (4:30)
8&Recover on LF (8), Close RF beside to LF (&)
[Arm Movement : Do the Opposite (1), Do the Opposite (2&3), Raise your right hand - over your head (4&), Put down (5), Stretch outward and raise it above your head (6), Stretch forward and down (8&)]
** RESTART 1 - on Wall 4, after Counts 16 (Step Change Touch RF beside to LF) (12:00)

Sec. 3: Diamond Step Turn 1/4 L, Back, Turn 1/8 L Side, Forward, Full Turn Slow, Forward, Full Turn Fast, Forward, Cross, Side
1 2Step LF Forward (1), Turn 1/8 L Step RF to Right Side (2) (3:00)
&Turn 1/8 L Step LF Back(&) (1:30)
3 4Step RF Back (3), Turn 1/8 Step L Step LF to Left Side (4) (12:00)
&Step RF Forward with Prep position-open body (&)
** RESTART 2 - on Wall 7, after Counts 20 (Step Change Touch RF beside to LF) (12:00)
5Full Turn R Step LF beside to RF (5)
6&Step Forward RF (6), Full Turn R Step LF beside to RF (&)
7Step Forward RF with Sweep LF from Back to Forward (7)
8&Cross LF Over RF (8), Step RF to left to Side (&)

Sec. 4: Turn 1/8 L Back, Coaster Step, Run, Run, Run, Hold, Turn 3/8 L
1Turn 1/8 L Step LF Back (1) (10:30)
2&3Step Back RF (2), Close LF beside to RF (&), Step Forward RF (3)
4&5Step Forward LF (4), RF (&), LF (5)
[Arm Movement : Stretch your hands forward and raise them up]
6&Pull your right hand in front of your face (6), Pull your left hand in front of your face (&)
7Spread your elbows on both sides (7)
8Twist the upper body to the right (Keep your arms in shape) (8) (12:00)
&Turn 3/8 L weight LF with Twist the upper body to the left (Keep your arms in shape) (&) (6:00)

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Contact : Junghye Yoon -


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