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Mike Kruger (USA) - December 2020
Broke (feat. Thomas Rhett) - Teddy Swims
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Intro: 8 counts - Restarts: walls 2 and 6 after 24 counts.

[1-8] Kick & Point, Kick & Point, R Sailor, ¼ Sailor.
1&2Kick R fwd, R back to center, Point L to L side.
3&4Kick L fwd, L back to center, Point R to right side
5&6Step R behind L, Step L next to Right, Step R to R side
7&8¼ turn L stepping L behind R, Step R next to L, Step L fwd(9:00)

[9-16] Rock, Recover, ½ Shuffle, ½ pivot turn, shuffle.
1-2Rock fwd on R , Recover back on L.
3&4½ turn R Steping R fwd, L next to R, R foot fwd. (3:00)
5-6Step L fwd, Pivot ½ right. (9:00)
7&8L foot fwd, R next to L, L foot fwd.

[17-24] Side points RLR, Hitch R, Step, hold, ½ Hinge turn, hold.
1&2Point R to R side, R back to center, Point L to L side.
&3-4L back to center, Point R to R side, Hitch R knee .
5-6Step R to R side, hold.
7-8½ Hinge turn R stepping L to L side, hold. (3:00)
*Restart here on walls 2 and 6* (both walls starting on 3 o'clock wall)

[25-32] Back Rock, Recover fwd, Full Turn, V-Step.
1-2Rock back on R, Recover fwd on L.
3-4½ turn L stepping back on R, ½ turn L stepping fwd L.
5-6Step diagonally fwd R, step L wide to L side.
7-8Step R diagonally back to center, Step L together with R.

*Restarts on wall 2 and 6 after 24 counts* (the girl voice will sing 1-2-3 restart right after that both times)



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