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Keep It Down

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Kelly Cavallaro (USA) & Chris Jacques (USA) - December 2020
If I Know Me - Morgan Wallen
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Count In: 16 count intro
Restarts: On walls 2 and 4 after 16 counts
[1-9] Step, Sailor, Behind Side Turn, Hip Roll w/ ¼Turn, ½Turn
1, 2&3Step R out to R, Sailor Step L, R, L
4&5Step R behind L, Step L out to L, Step R making ½Turn to L
6, 7Roll hip R, Roll hip back L making ¼Turn to R
8, 1Make ½R Stepping Forward on R, ½R, stepping back on L 9:00

[10-17] Travelling Body Roll, Coaster Step, Hip Sways, Sailor Step
2&3Step back R, L, R Rolling Body down
4&5Coaster Step L, R, L
6, 7Step R out to R swaying hips R, sway hips L
8&1Sailor Step R, L, R 9:00

[18-25] Behind Step Sweep, Cross and Turn, Walk Back x2, Coaster Step
2&3Cross L Behind R, Step R to R, Step L Forward Sweeping R Forward
4&5Cross R over L, Step L to L, Step Back R making ¼Turn R
6, 7Walk Back L, R
8&1Coaster Step L, R, L 12:00

[26-32] Sailor Step Moving Forward, Behind Turn Touch, Syncopated Touches
2&3Sailor Step R, L, R Moving Forward
4&5Step L Behind R, Step R Making ¼Turn to R, Touch L out to L
&6&7Step L next to R, Touch R to R, Step R next to L, Touch L to L
&8&Step L Next to R, Touch R to R, Hitch R 3:00

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