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Peng You (Friends)

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Phrased Intermediate
Adeline Cheng (MY) & Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY) - December 2020
Friends - Emil Wakin Chau
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Phrasing: ABA TT ABB+ BA- ATA
Intro: 16+4 count (on the 3rd syllable of the vocal 'nian')

Part A (32 counts)
Set 1: R & L Nightclub Basic, ¼R Sweep into Weave
1RF take a big step to R 12:00
2&3Step LF behind RF, Cross RF over LF, LF take a big step to L 12:00
4&5Step RF behind LF, Cross LF over RF, ¼R stepping RF fwd and sweep LF to front 3:00
6&7Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF and sweep RF to back 3:00
(A-: For the 4th A, dance only above 7 counts, then add a ¼R RF back rock to restart A facing 12:00)
8&1Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L, Cross rock RF over LF 3:00

Set 2: Cross Rocks, ½R Curvy Weave
2&3Recover on LF, Step RF to R, Cross rock LF over RF 3:00
4&5Recover on RF, Step LF to L, 1/8R Cross RF over LF 4:30
&61/8R stepping LF to L, 1/8R Stepping RF behind LF 7:30
&71/8R stepping LF to L, Crossing RF over LF 9:00

Set 3: L&R Side Rock Cross, Half Diamond Fallaway
8&1Rock LF to L, Recover on RF, 1/8R Cross LF over RF 10:30
2&31/8L Rock RF to R, Recover on LF, 1/8L Cross RF over LF 7:30
4&5Step LF fwd, 1/8L step RF to R, 1/8L step LF back 4:30
6&7Step RF back, 1/8L step LF to L, 1/8L step RF fwd 1:30

Set 4: 3/8R Chase Turn, Full Turn L Fwd, Rock Recover, Back with Sweep Back 3x, Back Rock
8&1Step LF fwd, 3/8R pivot shifting weight on R, Step LF fwd 6:00
2&3½L step back on RF, ½L step fwd on LF, Step RF fwd 6:00
4&5Rock LF fwd, Recover on RF, Step back on LF and sweep RF to back 6:00
6-7Step back on RF and sweep LF to back, Step back on LF and sweep RF to back 6:00
8&Rock RF back, Recover on LF 6:00

Part B (34 counts)
Set 1: Side Behind, Diagonal Walks, Fwd Rock Recover, Back Together, Fwd Shuffle Sweep
1&2&3Step RF to R (6:00), Step LF behind RF, 1/8R step RF fwd, Step LF fwd, Step RF fwd 7:30
4&5&Rock LF fwd, Recover on RF, Step back on LF, Close RF next to LF 7:30
6&7Step LF fwd, Close RF next to LF, Step LF fwd and sweep RF to front with a 1/8L 6:00

Set 2: Cross Side, ¼R Rock Back Recover, ½L Rock Back, Fwd Full Turn R, ¾R Pivot Side, Back Rock
8&1Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L, ¼R rock RF back 9:00
2&3Recover on LF, ¼L Step RF to R, ¼L rock LF back 3:00
4&5Recover on RF, ½R stepping back on LF, ½R stepping fwd on RF
Easier options: Fwd Shuffle or runs (RF, LF, RF) 3:00
6&7Step LF fwd, ½R pivot shifting weight on RF, ¼R stepping LF to L 12:00
8&Rock RF back, Recover on LF 12:00

Set 3: Repeat Set 1 12:00

Set 4: Repeat Set 2 until count 7 and add the following steps
8-9Sway R, Sway L (B+: On the 3rd B, add 2 more sways!) 6:00
10&Rock RF back, Recover on LF 6:00

Tag (2 counts)
1-2Sway R, Sway L (first two tags are facing 12:00, while the last one is facing 6:00)

Note: The dance is dedicated to all our students and friends, we appreciate our friendship and cherish the memories we have made through the years.

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Bebe wong December 26, 2020

Janice Khoo January 2, 2021
Great dance.

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