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Rebecca Lee (MY) - January 2021
Mo (默) - Jason Chen & Li Qi (李琦) : (Na Ying (那英) Cover)
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Intro: 20 counts

R forward, Rock L Forward, ½ turn L , Full Turn L, L Behind R Side, L Cross Rock, Sway L, Sway R
1Step R forward
2&3Rock L forward, Recover R, ½ turn L Step L forward (6.00)
4&5½ turn L stepping back on R, ½ turn L stepping forward on L ¼ turn L stepping side on R (3.00)
6&7&Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross rock L over R facing R diagonal (4.30), Recover R
8&Step L to L Side with slightly body sway to L, Step R to R small step with body sway to R
L Side, R Coaster Step, L Hitch, L Coaster Step, R Sweep, Syncopated Half Diamond, Lunge
1Step L to L Side
2&3Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R forward while hitching L knee
4&5Step L back, Step R next to L, Step L forward while sweeping R from back to front
6&7Cross R over L while making 1/8 turn L (4.30),Step L diagonally back, Step R back (4.30)
8&1Step L back, Step R to R side while making 1/8 turn L (4.30), Lunge L diagonally R (7.30)

L Side, R Cross Rock, LR Body Sway, L Side, R Back Rock, ¼ Turn R Step
2&3Recover R, Step L to L side, Lunge R diagonally L (4.30)
4&Recover L, Step R to R side (6.00)
5,6Step L to L while body sway to L, Sway body to R
78&Step long step L to L side dragging R next to L, Rock R slightly behind L,

Hand Styling, L Out R Out, L Step Sweeping R, R Cross, L Back, R Back, L Cross, R Back, L Draw
1,2¼ R Step R forward with extend L hand forward like reaching for someone far (9.00)
&3Step L to L side, Step R to R
Styling: (with holding body weight on the toes/ reach R arm up )
4Step L forward slightly while sweeping R from back to front
5&6&Cross R over L, Step L back , Step R back, Cross L over R
7,8Step R back, Draw L next to R transfer weight to L

Restart at WALL 2 dance up to 16counts,
on count 8 make a 1/8 turn L step L next to R facing (12.00)
Dance Your Heart Out
Rebecca :

Last Update - 17 Jan. 2021

2021 23 JAN 9


Jane cooper May 1, 2023
Love this song and dance x

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