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1 More Chance

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High Beginner
Juliet Lam (USA) - January 2021
Last Chance - Maroon 5 : (Album: Hands All Over, Deluxe Edition 2010)
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Intro: 16 counts, start on vocals. (Approx. 7 seconds into track)

S1: Prissy Walk , Hold, Prissy Walk, Hold, Rocking Chair
1-4Walk right forward across left, hold, left forward across right, hold
5-8Rock right forward, recover on left, rock right back, recover on left

S2: Cross, Point, Cross, Point, 1/4 Turn Right, Jazz Box Cross
1-2Cross right over left, point left toe to left side
3-4Cross left over right, point right toe to right side
5-8Cross right over left, turn ¼ right, step left back, step right to side, cross left over right (3:00)
*Restart here during Wall 9.

S3: Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Side, Swivel Heel, Toe, Heel, Hitch
1-4Rock right to right side, recover on left, cross right over left, step left to left side
5-8Swivel both heels to left, swivel both toes to left, swivel both heels to left, hitch right knee up (Travelling to left, weight on left)

S4: Back, Back, Back, Touch, Rolling Full Turn Left, Point
1-4Walk back right, left, right, touch left toe next to right
5-8Turn ¼ left, step left forward, turn ½ left, step right back, turn ¼ left step left to left side, point right toe to right side (Or touch)
(Easy option : 5- 8, Grapevine left, point or touch)

*Restart : Wall 9 begins at 12:00, dance up to counts 16, restart facing 3:00

Start Again - Have Fun!

Contact : Juliet Lam,

2021 2 FEB 6 6 MAR '21 100


catman January 22, 2021
I'm sending this link to my instructor in case she missed it. Great job.

Ray January 23, 2021
Good beginner dance with great track!

Al McGee January 23, 2021

Excellent dance to good music. Your choreography is "spot on".

Adelaine74 January 27, 2021
Very nice dance 💐💐

Selvin February 5, 2021
Great choreo

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