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Another Lifetime

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Advanced NC
Jessica Devlin (IRE) & Paul James (UK) - February 2021
Right Girl Wrong Time - Tyra Madison
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Tag - 8 Count Tag on the end of wall 4.
Count In - 16 Counts.

[1-8] ½ Turning Sweep, Pirouette, Sweep, Cross, Side, Rock B Recover, NC Basic.
1,2Step LF forward making ½ turn over L shoulder, sweeping RF (1) Step onto RF making full pirouette over L shoulder (2)
- Easier option explained on video.
3Step weight onto LF sweeping RF from back to front (3)
4&5Cross RF over LF (4) Step LF to L (&) Rock RF behind LF (5)
6,7Recover weight onto LF (6) Step RF to R, dragging LF in (7)
8&Close LF next to RF (8) Cross RF slightly over LF (&) Facing 6.00

[9-16] Rock Recover, Arabesque Line, Back Cross, Side, Full Turn, Step, Run x2.
1,2Step LF to L corner - 5.00 (1) Recover weight onto RF (2)
3Place weight forward onto LF as you lift R leg into arabesque (3)
4&5Step back onto RF (4) Cross LF over RF (&) Step RF back, tracing LF as you turn towards 1.00 (5)
6&7Step weight onto LF (6) Make full turn over L Shoulder towards corner, weight on RF (&) Step forward on LF (7)
8&Run forward towards 1.00, stepping R L (8&)

[17-24] Step Sweep ½ Turn, Walk x2, Rock Recover, Sweep Back x2, Cross, ¼ Turn,½ Turn.
1,2Step RF forward, making ½ turn over R shoulder, sweeping LF - 7.00 (1) Step LF forward (2)
3,4&Step RF forward (3) Rock LF forward (4) Recover weight onto RF (&)
5,6,7Small step back on LF as you sweep RF from front to back (5) Place weight onto RF as you sweep LF from front to back, squaring up your body to 6.00 (6) Cross LF behind RF (7)
8&Make ¼ turn R stepping RF forward (8) Make ½ turn R stepping LF back (&)

[25-32] ¼ NC Basic, Turning Weave, ¼ Sway, Sway, Relevé Hitch, Side, Cross.
1,2&Make ¼ turn right stepping RF to R, dragging LF in (1) Close LF next to RF (2) Cross RF slightly over LF (&) 6.00
3&Make ¼ turn R stepping back on LF (3) Step RF back (&) 9.00
4&Make ¼ turn R crossing LF behind RF - 12.00 (4) Make ¼ turn R stepping RF forward - 3.00 (&)
5,6Make ¼ turn R, stepping LF to side swaying body to L (5) Sway body to R (6) 6.00
7Weight & rise up onto ball of LF, Hitching R knee (7)
8&Step weight down onto RF (8) Cross LF forward over RF, to corner - 7.00 (&)

[33-40] Arabesque on Relevé, Contract, Extend, Back x2, Slow ¼ Turn, ½ Chase Turn.
1,2,3Step forward and rise up onto ball of RF as you lift L leg in arabesque (1) Lower R heel, bringing L knee in to hitch (2) Extend L leg forward (3)
4&Run back stepping L R (4&)
5,6,7Step LF to side and slowly transfer the body weight fully, making the ¼ turn to 3.00, gracefully circling your L arm over from R to L (Following the hand with focus 5,6,7)
8&Step RF forward (8) Make ½ turn over L shoulder, weight forward onto LF (&) 9.00

[41-48] Step, Rock Recover, Side Rock Recover Behind x2, Side Rock Recover Gather.
1,2&Step RF forward (1) Rock LF forward - 9.00 (2) Recover weight onto RF (&)
3,4&Make ¼ turn L & Rock LF to L - 6.00 (3) Recover weight onto RF (4) Cross LF behind RF (&)
5,6&Rock RF to R (5) Recover weight onto LF (6) Cross RF behind LF (&)
7,8Rock LF to L, reaching R arm up (7) Recover weight onto RF, pulling your arm down and torque body as you look over your R shoulder, behind you (8) 6.00
*Watch the walk though and demo videos for styling on this last set of 8*

Tag - Cross Rock Recover x2, Walk F x2, Step, ½ Rock.
1,2&Cross rock LF over RF (1) Recover weight onto RF (2) Step LF to L (&)
3,4&Cross rock RF over LF (3) Recover weight onto LF (4) Step RF next to LF (&)
5,6Step LF forward reaching R arm up (5) Step RF forward reaching R arm up (6)
7,8Step LF forward with both arms still up, preparing your body to turn (7) Make ½ turn over R, pulling both arms down, rocking the weight onto RF (8)
*To start the dance again you need recover the weight onto the LF as you turn your body over L shoulder to face 12.00 again, starting the ½ turning sweep*

Walkthrough & Demo Videos Available on:
Account - cudgeecoo
Account - Jessica Devlin

Happy Dancing

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Wei April 5, 2021
Wonderful and beautiful choreographed and dancing , love ❤️ it so much . 👍😻💃💃

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