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To The Afterglow

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Sonja Vocke (DE) - February 2021
Afterglow - Ed Sheeran
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Dance begins directly with music;
Listen carefully - start when the low voice counted in to 4

Section 1 [1-8] Rolling Vine Right, Touch, Rolling Vine Left, Touch
1-2RF ¼ turn right (3:00) - LF ¼ Turn right (6:00)
3-4RF ½ turn right (12:00) - LF touch next to RF
5-6LF ¼ turn left (9:00) - RF ¼ turn left (6:00)
7-8LF ½ turn left (12:00) - RF touch next to LF
(Easier Option to cts. 1-8 without turns: Grapevine Right, Touch, Grapevine Left, Touch)

Section 2 [9-16] Step Forward R-L-R, Hitch, Step Back L-R-L, Point Back
1-2RF fwrd. - LF fwrd.
3-4RF fwrd. - hitch L knee up
5-6LF back - RF back
7-8LF back - RF point diagonally back
(Option on ct.8: Looks nice when you look over your right shoulder)

Section 3 [17-24] Cross, Point Left, Cross, Sweep, Open Jazz Box ¼ Turn Right, Cross
1-2RF cross LF - LF point left
3-4LF cross RF - sweep RF from back to front
5-6RF cross LF - LF back
7-8RF turn ¼ right (3:00) - LF cross RF

Section 4 [25-32] Step and Sway Right, Sway Left, Back, Touch, Fwrd., Touch
1-2RF right with sway right
3-4sway left
5-6RF back - LF touch next to RF
7-8LF fwrd. - RF touch next to LF

Start again and enjoy... No Tags / No Restarts

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