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Sea Shanty Shenanigans

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CountryVive (UK) - February 2021
Wellerman (Sea Shanty) - Nathan Evans : (Album: Single Version)
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Count-in: 4 Count Intro
Note: A is 32 Counts - B is 16 Counts
The sequence of the dance is AAB, AAB, AAB

Part A:
[1-8] Syncopated Dorothy Steps, Rocking Chair, Heel Jack
1&2Step RF to R diagonal, close LF behind RF, Step RF in place
&3&Step LF to L diagonal, close RF behind LF, Step LF in place
4Stomp RF to R diagonal (face 1.30)
5&Facing 1.30, rock LF across RF, recover weight to RF
6&Facing 1.30, rock LF back, recover weight to RF
7&8Squaring up to 12.00, cross LF over RF, step RF a small step to the R side, touch L heel to L diagonal

[9-16] & Cross, Knee Pop, ¼ Triple, ¼ Side Rock, Recover, Full Turn, Side and Hitch
&1Close LF to RF, Cross RF over LF (as you cross, bring both hands in to stomach)
&2Raise heels (click both hands out to side) , drop heels (bring both hands back to stomach)
3&4Make ¼ turn to L (face 9.00) as you fwd triple, stepping L, R, L
5,6Make ¼ turn to L (face 6.00) as you rock RF to R side. Recover weight to L foot, taking L shoulder fwd to prep for a turn
&Make a full turn clockwise (over R shoulder), closing RF to LF
7Step LF to L side
8Close RF to LF as you hitch your L knee, slapping L thigh with R hand

[17-24] Hitch Triples travelling back, Roger Rabbits, Ball Step, Stomp, Stomp
1&2Let the L knee rotate to L as you step back on LF, step RF in place, step LF in place and hitch R knee
&3&4Let the R knee rotate to R as you step back on RF, step LF in place, step RF in place
&5Kick LF back, step back onto LF as you hitch R knee slightly
&6Kick RF back, step back onto RF as you hitch L knee slightly
&7Step back onto the ball of LF, step RF forward
&8Stomp LF to L diagonal, Stomp RF to R side
*Optional arms for counts 1-7 - 'sailor' arms (arms bent at elbows, at chest height, with R arms placed over L arm)

[25-32] Close, Leg Flicks with ½ Turn R, Ball, ½ Pivot Turn, 1/2 Turn, ¼ Slide to R, ¼ Turn with Hitch
1&Close LF to RF as you flick RF up to R side (keep knees together) (1), press weight fwd onto ball of RF (&) (6.00)
2&Recover weight to L and make ¼ turn to R as you flick RF across L knee (2), press weight fwd onto ball of RF (&) (9.00)
3&Recover weight to L and make ¼ turn to R as you flick RF up to R side (keep knees together) (1), press weight fwd onto ball of RF (&)
4Take weight back to LF (12.00)
&5Rock weight back onto ball of RF, step fwd on LF
6½ pivot turn to R taking weight to RF (6.00)
&7Make ½ turn R stepping back on LF, make ¼ turn R sliding RF a large step to R side (9.00)
8Make a ¼ turn to R, close LF to RF and hitch R knee (6.00)

Part B
[1-8] Step Fwd, Flick, Step Back, Flick, Step Hitch Side, Slap/Clap Section
1&Step RF fwd, flick LF up behind R knee (slap foot with R hand)
2&Step LF back, flick RF up under L knee (slap R ankle with L hand)
3&4Step RF to R diagonal, hitch L knee, step LF to L side
(Arms: Cross R arm over L arm 'sailor' style (3), hit backs of palms together (&), Slap both hands on thighs (4)
5&Hit L thigh with L hand (5), hit back of L hand with R hand (&)
6&Hit L thigh with L hand (6), hit R thigh with R hand
a7Hit back of R hand with L hand (a), Hit R thigh with R hand (7)
&a8Hit L thigh with L hand (e) clap both hands together at chest height (&) Slap both thighs with both hands (8) (12.00)

[9-16] & Heel Grind, Sweeps Back, Rock Recover, Skip Turn
&Step LF a small step towards centre
1,2Heel grid R heel (1), take weight to LF
3Step back on RF sweeping LF from front to back
4Step back on LF sweeping RF from front to back
(Optional arms on sweeps: swing arms from side to side)
5,6Rock RF back, recover weight to LF
&7Hitch R knee with a slight hop (&), make ½ turn L stepping back on RF
&8Hitch L knee with a slight hop (&), make ½ turn L stepping LF fwd (12.00)

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Bailando en Linea February 21, 2021
Es una coreografía estupenda. He seguido tu clase de facebook desde España y ha sido fantástica. Enhorabuena.
It's a great choreography. I have followed your facebook class from Spain and it has been fantastic. Congratulations.

pattychar February 26, 2021
Wow! Really cute dance. Love it.

Bettan March 7, 2021
Had great fun teaching this yesterday. Love it! / Jessica.

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