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Britt Beresik (USA) - February 2021
Tijuana - Jon Robert Hall
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#16 count Intro, starts on lyrics
**2 Restarts during Walls 4 & 9, 1 Tag after Wall 11
This fun easy Improver dance should have you feeling like you're on vacation in your living room. Bon Voyage!

[1-8] 2 Dorothy Steps, Fwd Rock Recover, Shuffle ½R
1-2& Step R to R diagonal, Cross L behind R, Step R to R diagonal
3-4& Step L to L diagonal, Cross R behind L, Step L to L diagonal
5-6 Rock R forward, Recover L
7&8 ¼ turn R stepping R to right side, Step L next to R, ¼ turn R stepping R forward [6:00]

[9-16] Half Charleston, Coaster, Fwd Rock Recover, Coaster
1-2 Step L forward, Kick R forward
3&4 Step R back, Step L back next to R, Step R forward
5-6 Rock L forward, Recover R (*styling option: sway your hips)
7&8 Step L back, Step R back next to L, Step L forward [6:00]

[17-24] 2 x (Pivot Turn ¼L), 2 x (Cross Samba)
1-2 Step R forward, Unwind ¼ turn L taking weight onto L [3:00]
(*styling option: roll hips counter-clockwise)
-RESTART DURING WALL 4 [facing 12:00] & WALL 9 [facing 3:00]-
3-4 Step R forward, Unwind ¼ turn L taking weight onto L [12:00]
(*styling option: roll hips counter-clockwise)
5&6 Cross R over L, Rock L to left side, Recover R
7&8 Cross L over R, Rock R to right side, Recover L [12:00]

[25-32] Jazz Box ¼R, Pivot Turn ⅜L, Touch ¼L, Touch ⅜L
1-4 Cross R over L, Step L back, ¼ turn R stepping R forward, Step L slightly forward [3:00]
5-6 Step R forward, ⅜ turn L while taking weight onto L [10:30]
7-8 Touch R to corner [10:30] and continue ¼ turn L, Touch R to corner [7:30] and continue ⅜ turn L [3:00]
[*5-8 options: (1) Make 2 ½Pivot turns L OR (2) R Rocking Chair]

TAG AT THE END OF WALL 11 (then start Wall 12 facing 9:00): 4 SWAYS
1-4 Step R to right side and Sway R, Sway L, Sway R, Sway L
(*styling option: lead sways with hips)

Dance will end facing front!

Britt Beresik with Cross The Line Dancing-Houston
Last Updated: 2/21/2021


L's Katz Lesley February 26, 2021
Loving this fun, happy feel good dance to a great song. The demo video is fantastic. Check it out! Well done Britt x

BrittB February 26, 2021
Thank you so much! I'm so happy I've had such a great response to this dance.

Rockysand February 28, 2021
I feel like I am on vacation at home in the pandemic.

Jules March 1, 2021
Fabulous dance steps fit great to the music and lovely video Britt a pleasure to watch you dance x

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