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High Beginner
Heejin Kim (KOR), Kyungjoon Park (KOR) & Hie kyung Choo (KOR) - February 2021
1, 2, 3, 4 (원,투,쓰리,포) - LeeHi (이하이)
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[1-8] Side Rock & Recover, Weave, Side Rock & Recover, Weave 1/4 Turn R
1 2RF Step R, LF Recover
3&4RF Step behind, LF Step L, RF Cross over
5 6LF Step L, RF recover
7&8LF Step behind, RF 1/4 Turn R Step forward, LF Step forward

[9-16] Heel Swivel, Triply Step, Coaster Step
1&2RF Ball forward, RF Swivel heel out, RF Swivel heel in
3&4RF Step backward, LF Recover, RF Step place
5 6LF Step backward, RF Step backward
7&8LF Step backward, RF Step together, LF Step forward

[17-24] Kick & Side Touch ×2, Cross Side Push, Sailor 1/2 Turn L
1&2RF Kick forward, RF Step place, LF Touch L
3&4LF Kick forward, LF Step place, RF Touch R
5 6RF Cross over, LF push L
7&8LF Step behind, RF 1/2 Turn L Step R slightly, LF Step forward

[25-32] Heel Touch together X2, Forward Big Step, 1/4 Turn L and Hip Roll ×2
1&2&RF Touch Heel forward, RF Step together, LF Touch Heel forward, LF Step together
3 4RF Step big forward, LF Step together
5 6RF Step forward, LF 1/4 Turn L Step L
7 8RF Step forward, LF 1/4 Turn L Step L

[Tag] After 11wall
[1-8] 1/4 Turn R X4, 1/4 turn R Step and Body Roll or Shimmy
1 41/4 Turn R Step forward (R,L,R,L)
5678RF 1/4 Turn R(12:00) Step forward, Body roll

[Restart] - After 4wall (12:00) and 9wall (3:00) 16 Count

7 APR '22 100


S. K. February 26, 2021
Very cute! I can use this❣️❣️

Selvin March 1, 2021
Very it

Kickin it March 2, 2021
Great Dance!
Teaching tomorrow!

Heejin Kim March 3, 2021
Thank you so much 💖💖💖

Vonnys March 11, 2021
Very cool! 5 ⭐

prbruce57 May 4, 2021
I just love everything about this I just had to teach it. My Tuesday class loved it so much we danced it 3 times. Definitely going to teach it to my Thursday class. Well done just love, love it.

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