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Easy Intermediate
Benjamin Harris (AUS) - February 2021
Afterglow - Ed Sheeran
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Intro: Approximately 3 counts (start when the beat kicks in)

Forward Rock Recover Shuffle Back, Back Rock Recover ½ Turn Back Sweep
1 2 3&4Rock forward R, Recover back L, Shuffle back R-L-R
5 6Rock back L, Recover forward R
7 8½ turn R stepping L back, Sweep R front to back (6:00)

Behind Side Cross Shuffle, Side Touch Kick Ball Cross
1 2 3&4Step R behind L, Step L to L side, Cross shuffle R over L stepping R-L-R
5 6Step L to L side, Touch R beside L
7&8Kick R (slightly diagonal), Step R together, Step L across slightly in front of R (6:00)

Dorothy Step x2, Forward Rock Recover Touch Unwind ½ Turn
1 2&Step forward R (slightly diagonal), Lock L behind R, Step R together
3 4&Step forward L (slightly diagonal), Lock R behind L, Step L together
5 6Rock forward R, Recover back L
7 8Touch R back, Unwind ½ turn R taking weight onto R (12:00)

Forward Rock Recover ¼ Forward Sweep, Jazz Box
1 2Rock forward L, Recover back R
3 4¼ turn L stepping forward L, Sweep R back to front
5 6Step R across in front of L, Step L back
7 8Step R to R side, Step L together (slightly forward) (9:00)


Enjoy :-)


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