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My Sugar Boo

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Brittany Melson (USA) - February 2021
Levitating (feat. DaBaby) - Dua Lipa
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Approximately 10 count intro, start on vocals "If you want to run away with me..."
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Shuffle R, Diagonal Forward Shuffles
1-4Step Side R, Step together L, Step Side R, Tap L
5 & 6Step Diagonal Forward L, Step Together R, Step Diagonal Forward L toward 11 o'clock
7 & 8Step Diagonal Forward R, Step Together L, Step Diagonal Forward R toward 1 o'clock

Shuffle L, Diagonal Backward Shuffles
1-4Step Side L, Step together R, Step Side L, Tap R
5 & 6Step Diagonal Backward R, Step Together L, Step Diagonal Backward R toward 5 o'clock
7 & 8Step Diagonal Backward L, Step Together R, Step Diagonal Backward L toward 7 o'clock

Back Rock Recover, Step Forward and Pivot ¼ Turn L, Kick Ball Change (x2)
1-2Back Rock R, Recover L
3-4Step Forward R and Pivot ¼ Turn to L on R Foot, Land L
5 & 6Kick R, Land Ball R, Shift weight to the L
7 & 8Kick R, Land Ball R, Shift weight to the L

Rocking Chair, Side Rock, Tap R, Clap (x2)
1-4Forward Rock R, Recover L, Back Rock R, Recover L
5-6Side Rock R, Recover L
7 & 8Tap R, Clap x 2



apljacker May 12, 2021
Nice little dance. Beginners can really put their own flavor on it. I would have called the first steps side together side touch, rather than shuffles, but the description below the calling steps clarifies it.

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