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Intermediate Rolling 8-Count
Brenda Shatto (USA), Charlie Bowring (UK), Rob Fowler (ES) & I.C.E. (ES) - March 2021
You - Chase Rice : (CD: The Album Part II)
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Intro: 16 counts (approx. 18 seconds)

S1 [1-8] Cross, side, close X2, step sweep ¼, rock, recover, ½ right, full turn right
1a2Step left diagonally across right, small step to right side on right, close left to right taking weight on left making 1/8 turn left 10:30
3a4Step right diagonally across left straightening up to 12 o'clock, small step to left -12:00, side on left, close right to left taking weight on to right making 1/8 turn right 1:30
5Step forward on left sweeping right forward making ¼ turn left 10:30
6aTransfer weight smoothly on to right, recover on to left (prepare to turn right)
7a8½ turn right on ball of left foot stepping right forward, ½ turn right on ball of right stepping left back, ½ turn right on ball of left foot stepping right forward 4:30
S2 [9-16] Rock, recover, side, cross, back 1/8, together, step, ball, step, back, ball, ½ turn right
1-2Rock left forward, recover on to right
a3Step left to left side, step right across left
a41/8 turn right stepping left back, close right to left 6:00
5a6Step left diagonally forward right, step ball of right next to left, step left forward 7:30
7a8Staying on diagonal step right back, close left to right, 1/2 turn right on ball of left stepping right forward 1:30
S3 [17-24] 3/8 turn sweep, back sweep, behind, side, cross, scissor step, weave, unwind ½ left
1Step forward on ball of left making 3/8 turn right sweeping right from front to back 6:00
2Step right back, sweeping left from front to back
3a4Step left behind right, step right to side, step left across right
5a6Step right to side, close left to right, step right across left
a7a8aStep left to left side, step right behind left, step left to left side, step right across left, unwind ½ left 12:00
S4 [25-32] Sailor, behind, side, cross 1/8, diamond fall away 3/8 turn left
1a2Step left behind right, step out right, step out left
3a4Step right behind left, step left to left side, step right slightly forward making 1/8 turn left 10:30
5a6Step left across right, 1/8 turn left stepping right back, 1/8 step left back 7:30
7a8Step right back, 1/8 turn left stepping left side, stepping right forward 6:00


prbruce57 March 25, 2021
New teach tonight love it

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