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Cute But Psycho

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Michelle Wright (USA) - March 2021
Cute but Psycho - East Love
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Alt music: Neon star (country boy lullaby) -Morgan Wallen (no tags or restarts)

Section 1:R Cross,L back, R side shuffle, L cross, R back, L ¼ shuffle
1,2Cross R over L(1), Step L back(2)
3&4Step R to R side(3), Step L next to R(&), Step R to R side(4)
5,6Cross L over R(5), Step R back(6)
7&8Step L to L side(7), Step R next to L(&), make ¼ turn stepping forward L (8)

Section 2: R Rock, Recover, R&L pony steps, R Back Rock, Recover
1,2Rock R forward(1), recover weight on L(2)
3&4Step back on R popping L knee fwd (3), recover onto L again (&), step back on R popping L knee fwd (4)
5&6Step back on L popping R knee fwd (5), recover onto R again (&), step back on L popping R knee fwd (6)
7,8Rock R back(7), Recover Weight on L(8)

Section 3: Modified K step w/ shuffles
1,2Step R to R diagonal(1), touch L next to R(2) (body angled to diagonal)
3&4Step L back(3), Step R next to L(&), step L back(4)
5,6Step R back on diagonal, Touch L next to R (body angled to diagonal)
7&8step L forward(7), Step R next to L(&), Step L forward (8) (squaring up to wall)

Section 4: R and L cross point, cross ½ unwind, R and L sway
1,2Step forward R(1), Point L to L side(2)
3,4Step forward L(3), Point R to R side(4(
5,6Cross R over L(5), unwind ½ turn over L shoulder(6)
7,8Sway hips R(7), Sway hips L(8)

Tag : 4 counts end of wall 3: repeat last 4 counts
1,2Cross R over L, unwind ½ turn over L shoulder
3,4Sway R, Sway L

End of dance!

Any questions email

Last Update: 3 Jun 2023

2021 23 MAR 7


DianeEllis April 10, 2021
Nice dance, Michelle!

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