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Hell of a View

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Mark Simpkin (AUS) - March 2021
Hell of a View - Eric Church
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Intro: Starts on lyrics after 8 counts. Weight is on the Left. (2 .45mins BPM 99)
Tag at the end of wall 3

Vine R - L Cross Shuffle - Recover R Sweep L - L Sailor - Ball Cross - Out Out
1 2&Step R to R side, Step L behind R, Step R to R side
3&4Cross L over R, Step R slightly to R side, Cross L over R (cross shuffle)
5Recover R back while sweeping L around,
6&7Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Step L in place, (sailor step)
&8Step R together, Cross L over R, (ball cross)
&1Step R out to R side, Step L out to L side

Sway R - 1/4 L Coaster - R Dorothy - Travelling L Lock Shuffle (Run)
2,Sway R to R side,
3&4Turn 1/4 L stepping Back L, R tog, Step Fwd L (9.00)
56&Step R to R diagonal, Lock L behind R, Step R slightly to R Side (Dorothy)
7&8Step L forward, Step Lock R behind L, Step L forward (shuffle), (run, run, run)

Cross Heel Jack - Ball Rock Recover - L Coaster step - Forward 1/2 Pivot
1&2Cross R over L, turn 1/8 R stepping L back, Step R heel forward, (cross heel jack on the R diagonal) (10.30)
&34Step R beside L, Rock L forward, Recover R back, (10.30)
5&6Step L back, Step R beside L, Step L forward (coaster step) (10.30)
78Step R forward, 1/2 L pivot (wgt on L) (4.30)

Cross Recover Side - Cross Recover Side - Forward 1/4 L Pivot - Cross Shuffle 1/4 L - Step L beside R
12&Cross R over L, Recover L, Step R to R side, (6.00)
34&Cross L over R, Recover R, Step L to L side (6.00)
5-6Step R forward, 1/4 L pivot (wgt on L) (3.00)
7&8&Cross R over L, Step L slightly to L side, Cross R over L (cross shuffle), Step L beside R,

TAG: At the end of wall 3 facing 9.00 leave out the last & count, and add the 8 count tag.
Sway L Recover R Together - Sway R Recover L - R sailor - L Sailor
12&Sway L, Recover R, Step L beside R
34Sway R, Recover L,
5&6Step R behind L, Step L to L side, Step L in place, (sailor step)
7&8Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Step L in place, (sailor step)

Mark Simpkin - Southern Cross Line Dancers - M 0418 440 402


Liz Gardiner March 22, 2021
Enjoying this dance

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