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One More Night

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Helma Nur (INA) - April 2021
One More Night - Maroon 5
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Start dance on vocal

Section 1 : Chasse Right, Rock Cross - Recover ( Right - Left ), Rock Back - Recover - Forward
1&2Step RF to right side, LF next to right, step RF to right side
3&4Cross LF over RF, replace the weight back onto R, step L to left side
5&6Cross RF over LF, replace the weight back onto L, step R to right side
7&8Step LF back, replace the weight back onto R ,Close LF togethher

Section 2 : Kick Forward - Touch ( Right - Left ), Back Lock Shuffle,1/4 Turn. Coaster Step
1 & 2Kick RF forward, Step RF forward, Touch LF outside
3 & 4Kick LF forward, Step LF forward, Touch RF outside
5&6Step RF back , Lock LF cross over RF ,Step LF back
7&8¼ L turn. Step LF back

Section 3 : Walk Forward ( Right - Left ), Forward ,1/2 R Pivot, Forward Lock Shuffle
1-2Step forward R - L
3&4Step RF forward , Lock LF behind R,Step RF on place
5- 6Step LF forward, ½ R Turn RF On Place
7&8Step LF forward , Lock LF behind R,LF on Place

Section 4 : Samba whisk (Right - Left ), Zigzag Jump With Touch
1&2Step RF to side - Step LF FCross Behind R, Cross RF Over L
3&4Step LF to side - Step RF Cross Behind L, Cross LF Over R
5 - 8(Jump RF Forward Diagonal Right - Touch LF Beside R, Jump LF Forward Diagonal Left - Touch RF Beside L ) 2 X

Thank You

Have Fun & Enjoy The Dance


zaza.calisthenics April 8, 2021
Wow semangat Buk Helma❤️

Selvin April 9, 2021

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