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Sophie Stevens (UK) - April 2021
Steve's Song - Amy Wadge : (Album:Keeping Faith: Series 2)
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#32 Count Intro

S1. R Side, Hold, L Rock Back, Recover, R ¼ L Side, Hold, R Rock Back, Recover
1-2Step right to right side, hold,
3-4Cross left behind right, recover right,
5-6¼ Turn right stepping left to left side, hold,
7-8Cross right behind left, recover left,

S2. Figure 8 Grapevine Right
1-2Step right to right side, cross left behind right,
3-4Step right ¼ turn right, step forward left,
5-6Pivot ½ turn right shifting weight to right foot, on ball of right make ¼ turn right stepping left to left side
7-8Cross right behind left, step left ¼ turn left

S3. R Side Together Forward, Hold, L Rock Recover, L ¼, R Cross
1-2Step right to right side, step left next to right,
3-4Step right forward, hold
5-6Step left forward, recover right
7-8¼ Turn left stepping left to left side, cross right over left

S4. L Side Rock, Recover, L behind, R Side Rock, Recover, R behind, L Side, R Cross
1-2Rock left to left side, recover on to right,
3-4Step left behind right, rock right to right side
5-6Recover on to left, step right behind left,
7-8Step left to left, cross right over left

S5. 1/8 L Step L, Hitch R, Step R Back, Step L Back, 1/8 R Step R Side, Hold, L Side Rock, R Recover
1-2Step left forward to left diagonal (1/8 turn left), hitch right
3-4Step right back (still on the diagonal), step left back (still on the diagonal)
5-6Step right to right side (1/8 turn right straightening back up), hold
7-8Step left to left side, recover right

S6. L ¼, R Sweep, R Cross, L Side, R Behind, L ¼, R Forward, L ½ Pivot R Flick
1-2¼ Turn left stepping forward on left, Sweep right from back to front
3-4Cross right over left, step left to left side
5-6Cross right behind left, ¼ turn left stepping forward on left
7-8Step forward on right, Pivot ½ turn left as you flick the right up

S7. R Walk, Hold, L Walk, R Touch, R Point, R Drag, R Hitch, R Step
1-2Step forward right, hold
3-4Step forward left, touch right next to left
5-6Point right to right side, drag right in to meet left
7-8Hitch right, step forward right

S8. L Forward Rock, Hold, R Back Recover, Hold, L Back, R Back, R ½ L Forward, R Touch
1-2Step forward left, hold
3-4Step back right, hold
5-6Step left back, step right back
7-8½ Turn Right stepping left forward, touch right next to left

No Tags, No Restarts

Ending: ¼ Left Stepping Right to Right Side to Finish.


Amanda Stevens April 13, 2021
Great teach of a lovely line dance to very nice music track by Amy Wadge.

sammyvarley April 14, 2021
Lovley dance fits well with the music , Cant wait ti give this one ago

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