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I Believe In Woman

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Dirk Leibing (DE) - April 2021
My Oh My - Slade
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Intro : 16 counts (~14 sec.) No Tag, No Restart

(I) Cross, Cross, Weave, Cross Rock, Side, Back, Back, Basic right
1-2&Step RF forward across LF(Prizzy Walk)(1), Step LF forward across RF(2), Step RF right(&)
3&4&Step LF behind RF(3), Step RF right(&), Cross rock LF in front of RF(4), Recover on RF(&)
5-6&Slide LF left(5), Step RF diagonally back(6)(1:30), Step LF back(&)
7-8&Slide RF right turning to 3:00(7), Step LF behind RF(8), Cross RF in front of LF(&)

(II) Spiral Turn ¾, Run, Run, Rocking Chair, Turn ½ left, Behind, Side, Cross, Cross, Side
1Spiral Turn ¾ right(1)(12:00)
2&Step RF forward(2), Step LF forward(&) 3&4& Rock RF forward(3), Recover on LF(&), Rock RF back(4), Recover on LF(&)
5Turn ½ left stepping RF back while Sweeping LF from front to back(5)(6:00)
6&7Step LF behind RF(6), Step RF right(&), Cross LF in front of RF while Sweeping RF from back to front(7)
8&Cross RF in front of LF(8), Step LF left(&)

(III) Diagonally Rock back, Turn, Rock back, 2 x Basic(R+L)
1-2&Rock RF diagonally back(1)(7:30), Recover on LF(2), Turn ½ left stepping RF back(&)(1:30)
3-4&Rock LF diagonally back(3)(1:30), Recover on RF(4), Step LF forward(&)
5-6&Turn 1/8 left to 12:00 and Slide RF right(5), Step LF behind RF(6), Cross RF in front of RF(&)
7-8&Slide LF left(7), Step RF behind LF(8), Cross LF in front of RF(&)

(IV) Turn ¼, Step, Turn1/2, Step, 2x Turn ½, Turn ¼, Basic, Behind, Side
1Turn ¼ right stepping RF forward(1)(3:00)
2&3Step LF forward(2), Turn ½ right on balls of both feet(&)(9:00), Step LF forward(3)(Prep!)
4&5Turn ½ left(4)(3:00), Turn ½ left(&)(9:00), Turn ¼ left into a right Basic(6:00)(5)
6&7Step LF behind RF(6), Cross RF in front of LF(&), Step LF left(7)
8&Step RF behind LF(8), Step LF left(&)

Start again

In wall 7 there is a break in the music, don't stop dancing.
In wall 9 the dance will end after the rocking chair in Section II, do a right step forward and TADA, you made it

Have Fun - Dirk Leibing

2021 4 MAY 9


Selvin May 1, 2021

Dirk May 5, 2021
Thank you Selvin

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