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Wings of an Angel

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Easy Intermediate
Heidi Brenden (NOR), Henrik Gronvold (NOR), Siv Anita Jørstad (NOR) & Dans & Moro (NOR) - May 2021
Wings of an Angel - Lauren Alaina
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**2 Restarts

Walk, walk, step, tap, step, step, mambo step, shuffle ½ turn
1,2step RF forward, step Lf forward
&3&4step RF forward, tap LF slightly forward, Step LF on place, step RF forward
5&6rock LF forward, recover weight on RF, step LF slightly back
7&8make a ½ turn right while stepping RF forward, step LF beside RF, step RF forward

Walk, walk, step, tap,step, step, mambo step, shuffle ¼ turn
1,2step LF forward, step RF forward
&3&4step LF forward, tap RF slightly forward, step RF on place, step LF forward
5&6rock RF forward, recover weight on LF, step RF slighly back
7&8Make a ¼ turn left stepping LF to left, step RF beside LF, step LF to left

Diamond shape steps, step lock step, rock step
1&2cross RF over LF, step LF diagonaly back to right, step RF back
3&4step Lf back, step RF diagonaly forward to right, step LF forward
5&6step RF forward, lock LFbehind RF, step RF forward
7,8rock LF forward, recover weight on RF

Step, lock, step, sweep, cross and cross, sway,sway, coaster step
1&2&step Lf diagonaly back to left, lock RF in front of LF, step LF back while sweeping RF from front to behind LF
3&4cross RF behind LF, step LF to left, cross RF in front of LF
5,6step LF to left while swaying hips to left, sway hips to right
7&8step LF back, step RF beside LF, step LF forward

Restart 1 : after 16 counts on wall 3 ( do a shuffle ½ turn insted of a shuffle ¼ turn so you start again at the front wall)
Restart 2 : after 8 counts on wall 6 ( switch weigt from RF to LF with adding an & count- so that you will get to start with RF forward.

Have fun


Heidihassbrenden October 6, 2021

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