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In Out and in Between

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Easy Intermediate
Kate Damgaard (DK) - May 2021
The Cowboy Rides Away - Ronnie Dunn : (Album: Re-Dunn .... iTunes)
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Intro: 32 counts

Restart: Wall 3 after 32 counts (12:00) ... Right after the instrumental part

Section 1: R walk fwd fwd rock, walk back back back rock
1,2,3,4R walk fwd, L walk fwd, R rock fwd, L recover
5,6,7,8R walk back, L walk back, R rock back, L recover

Section 2 : R step, tap, step, hook, R step, tap, step, touch
1,2,3,4R step fwd, L tap behind, L step back, R hook i.f.
5,6,7,8R step fwd, L tap behind, L step back, R touch beside

Section 3: R side touch side, R cross rock side, L cross side.
1,2, 3,4R side, L touch, L side, R cross i.f.,
5,6,7,8L recover, R side, L cross i.f, R side (Count 8 starts figure 8)

Section 4: Figure 8, cross
1,2,3,4L behind (1), R step 1/4 right (2), L step turn 3/4 right (3&4),
5,6,7,8L step side (5), R cross behind (6), L step side (7), R cross i.f. (8) *** RESTART*** wall 3
( Restart: Replace the cross with a touch, count 8, wall 3)

Section 5: L side rock, 1/4 turn, L side rock, L cross i.f, R step side, L back rock
1,2,3,4L step side, R recover, Turn 1/4 right stepping L side, R recover
5,6,7,8L cross i.f., R step side, L step back, R recover

Section 6: L walk, brush, R walk, brush, jazzbox 1/4 left, R brush
1,2,3,4L walk fwd, R brush, R walk fwd, L brush
5,6,7,8L cross i.f., R step back turning 1/4 left, L step side, R brush

Section 7: R mambo 1/2 turn right, step fwd, diagonally fwd, touch, diagonally back, cross i.f.
1,2,3,4R step fwd, L recover, turn 1/2 right stepping R fwd, L step fwd
5,6,7,8R step fwd (7:30), L touch, L step back (1:30), R cross i.f.

Section 8: L back, back, cross i.f, back, coasterstep brush
1,2, 3,4L step back (1:30), R step back, L cross i.f., R step back (10:30)
5,6,7,8L step back, R together, L step fwd, R brush

Last Update - 29 July 2021


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