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Bits of Life

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Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - March 2021
Stuck with U - Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber : (Single / iTunes)
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Dance Info: Dance starts feet together-wt on L - Dance Starts on Lyrics
Version 1:00 - BPM [179:0] Track Length 3:48 - No tags or restarts.

Back Rock Step, ¼ Side, Behind Unwind ½ Turn, Cross over with Sweep, Cross, Side, Behind Sweeping L, Back, Side Rock Step, Step Back with Sweep 3:00
1 2 & 3Rock Back on R, Replace Fwd to L, Turning ¼ L-Step R to R, Touch L Toe Back Behind
 Unwind ½ L-wt on R (cnt 3)
4 5 & 6Cross L over R -Sweeping R Fwd, Cross R over L (5) Step L to L Side, Step Back on R-Sweeping L
7 & a 8Step L behind R, R Side Rock, Replace to L, Step Back on R-Sweeping L

Step Behind, ¼, Step Side, Together, 1/8th R Diagonal Rock Step (Fwd, Back, Fwd) ¼ L Step Together, Diagonal Back Rock Step (Back, Fwd, Back)
1 & 2Step L behind R, Turning ¼ R to 6:00-Step Fwd R, Step L to L
& 3 4 5Turning 1/8th R to Back R 45ﹾ-Step R next to L, Rock Fwd L, Rock Back R, Rock Fwd L
& 6 7 8Turning ¼ L to Back L 45ﹾ-Step R next to L, Rock Back L, Rock Fwd R, Rock Back L

Turning 1/8th L-Ball Step 3:00, Turn ¼ L-Hitch Cross, Weave to L Side-with Sweep Behind, ¼, ½, ¼, Side Hips Sway, Back Ball Cross 12:00
& 1 2Turning 1/8th L to 3:00-Step R next to L, Step Fwd L, Turn ¼ L-Hitch R-Cross R over L(cnt 2)
& 3 4Step L to L Side, Step R behind L-Sweeping L, Step L behind R
& 5 &Turning R- ¼ R Step Fwd R, ½ R Step Back on L, ¼ R Step R to R 12:00
6 7 & 8Hip Sway to L Side, Hip Sway to R Side, Step Back on Ball of L, Cross R over L

Side Ball Cross, Cross, Step Side, Step Back with Sweep, Step Behind, ¼ Fwd, Step Fwd, Fwd ½ Pivot Turn R, Fwd ½ Pivot Turn R, Step Fwd R Hitch 9:00
& 1 2 &Step Ball of L to L Side, Cross R over L, Cross L over R, Step R to R
3 4 & 5Step Back L-Sweep R to R Side, Step R Back Behind L, ¼ L-Step Fwd L Step Fwd R 9:00
6 7 & aStep Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn R-wt on R, Step Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn R-wt on R
8Step Fwd L-Hitch R.

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