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Rollin EZ

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Eunkyoung Yoon (KOR) & Jiyeon Lee (KOR) - May 2021
Rollin' (롤린) - Brave Girls (브레이브걸스)
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Intro : 16count

S1: Step Touches To Right & Left Diagonally Fwd, Step Touches To Right & Left Diagonally Back
1-4Step RF R diagonally Fwd(1), Touch LF beside RF(2), Step LF L diagonally Fwd(3), Touch RF beside LF(4)
5-8Step RF R diagonally Back(5), Touch LF beside RF(6), Step LF L diagonally Back(7), Touch RF beside LF(8)
Arm Styling : Fold both arms and place them on the side of the head, folded and unfolded.(like making a wing with folded arms)

S2: Rolling Turn Right & Left
1-4Step RF 1/4 Turn to R(1), LF 1/2 Turn to R(2), RF 1/4 Turn to R(3), Touch LF beside RF(4)
5-8Step LF 1/4 Turn to L(5), RF 1/2 Turn to L(6), LF 1/4 Turn to L(7), Touch RF beside LF(8)

S3: Cross Rock, Recover, Cross, Flick 2×
1-4Cross Rock RF Over LF(1), Recover LF(2) Cross RF Over LF(3), Step Flick LF(4)
5-8Cross Rock LF Over RF(5), Recover RF(6) Cross LF Over RF(7), Step Flick RF(8)

S4: Jazz Box 1/4 Turn To R, 1/4 Paddle Turn To L 2×
1-4Step RF Over LF(1), Step LF Back(2), Turn 1/4 RF Stepping To R(3), Step LF Fwd(4)
5-8Step RF Fwd(5), Turn 1/4 L And Shift Full Weight To L(Roll Hips)(6), Step RF Fwd(7), Turn 1/4 L And Shift Full Weight To L(Roll Hips)(8)

Tag: 4 Count Tag V Step
1-4Step RF Right Diagonally Fwd(1), Step LF Left Diagonally Fwd(2), Step RF Diagonally Back to Center(3), Step LF Next To RF(4)
After Wall 5 Facing 9:00

Ending: Step RF Fwd Facing 12:00

Enjoy Dance.Contact : Eunkyoung Yoon :


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