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Drinks Well With Others

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Michelle Wright (USA) - June 2021
Drinks Well With Others - Sons of Daughters
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Dance starts 16 counts in with the lyrics
Restarts on wall 4 after 8 and wall 8 after 16

No restart song option: Leave before you love me by Marshmello with the Jonas Brothers
Back to me ( feat. Eneli) by Vanotek (Floor split for Vanotek Cha)

Section 1: R forward diagonal step touch, L Back step touch, R and L back touches
1,2 Step R forward and diagonal, Touch L next to R
3,4 Step L back, touch R next to L
5,6 Step R back slightly on diagonal, touch L next to R
7,8 Step L back slightly on diagonal,Touch R next to L
Restart here on wall 4 facing 9 oclock

Section 2: Figure eight vine to R
1,2 Step R to R side, Cross L behind R
3,4 ¼ turn R stepping R forward, Step forward L (3 oclock)
5,6 ½ pivot R stepping forward R, ¼ turn R stepping L to L side (12 oclock)
7,8 Cross R behind L, step L to L side
(Easier option R & L vine)
Restart here on wall 8 facing 6 oclock

Section 3: R forward Cross point, L and R back cross point, L forward step, R crossing Hitch
1,2 Step R slightly forward and slightly crossing over L, Point L to toe to L side
3,4 Step L back slightly crossing behind R, Point R toe to R side
5,6 Step R back slightly crossing behind L, Point L toe to L side
7,8 Step L forward , Hitch R knee up and slightly across L

Section 4: Jazz box cross,¼ Monterey
1,2 Cross R over L, Step L back
3,4 Step R to R side, Step L slightly across R
5,6 Point R toe to R side, ¼ turn R stepping R next to L (3 oclock)
7,8 Point L toe to L side, Step L next to R

End of dance!

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