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Ayayay Cielito

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Georgie Mygrant (USA) - June 2021
Ayayay Cielito - TNN : (Fast)
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*Intro: 64 fast counts, (You can wait for 64 counts, or do a basic step, and one vine, R, then repeat same to the L, 4 times to the 64 count intro. Then there's and 16 count of nothing before the fast count starts with the music! Just count 16 count and get ready!)

**Tags: 4 at the end of walls 2, 3, 8 and 9

Lock Step R/L
1-4Step R fwd. diagonally, L to R, step R fwd. diagonally, L to R
5-8Step L fwd. diagonally, R to L, step L fwd. diagonally, R to L

K Step
1-4Step R fwd. Touch L to R, step back L diagonally, touch R to L
5-8Step L back diagonally, R to L, return L, touch R to L

Vine R and L, turning ¼ on Last 2 steps
1-4Step R, L behind R, step R, touch L to R
5-8Step L, R behind L, step L turning ¼ , touch R to L

Rocking chair, Jazz Box in place
1-4Step R fwd. rock back on L, rock back on R, return fwd. L
5-8Step R over L, step back on L, step on R, then L

That's it! 4 Tag's! Just enjoy the catchy music and dance!
**Tag's, 4 One Basic steps at the end of wall 2, same on end of wall 3, again at wall 8 and 9. (Step R, touch L to R, return to L, touch R to L)

*Intro: Starts right away! You can just wait through 64 counts, or you can do this! Basic Step and Vine, R then the same to the L. 4 x through.
Step R side, L to R, step L, R to L, Step R, L behind R, step R, touch L to R, Step side L, touch R to L, step R, touch L to R, Step L, R behind L, touch R to L.(16 c's) Do this 4 times, then stop for 16 counts before you start! (If the vine is to fast, you can do the side step 2x instead!)



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