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Easy Intermediate
Peirina Svensson (SWE) & Emma Johansson (SWE) - June 2021
Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home) - Elle King & Miranda Lambert
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Intro: 16 counts

Sec1. Rock, recover, triple full turn, side, behind, side, heel, hold
1 2Rock RF forward, recover on LF
3&4Triple in place turning a full turn right stepping R, L, R
5 6&7 8Step LF to the side, step RF behind LF, step LF beside RF, touch R heel to the diagonal, hold.
Sec2. Step, Syncopated weave, heel grind, turn ¼ R, coaster step
& 1 2Step RF next to LF, cross LF over RF, Step RF to the side
3 & 4Step LF behind RF, step RF to the side, Cross LF over RF
5 6Touch right heel forward, Grind ¼ right (weight on left) [3:00]
7&8Step back on RF, step LF next to RF, Step forward on RF

Sec 3. Step, kick, Syncopated jazz box cross, ¼ turn L, step, ¼ turn L, cross
1 2 3Step forward on LF, make a low kick on RF, cross RF over LF
& 4Step back on LF, step RF to the side.
5 6 7Cross LF over RF, turn ¼ to left stepping back on RF, step LF to the side, (12:00)
& 8Turn ¼ turn to left stepping RF to the Side, Cross LF over RF. (9:00)

Sec 4. Rock, recover, sailor ¼ turn R, shuffle ½ turn, rock, recover
1 2Rock RF to right side, recover on LF
3 & 4Sweep RF back and turn ¼ to R stepping back on RF, step LF next to RF, step forward on RF, (12:00)
5&6.Turn ¼ to right stepping LF to the side, step RF next to LF, turn ¼ to R stepping back on LF
7 8Rock back on RF, recover on LF

Tag: After Wall 5 facing 6 a 'clock
Rock, recover, step, rock, recover X 2
1 2 3Rock RF forward, recover on LF, step back on RF
&4Rock back on LF, recover on RF.
5 6 7Rock LF forward, recover on RF, Step back on LF,
&8Rock back on RF, recover on LF.

Hope you like it

Emma & Peirina


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