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Tick Tick Boom

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High Improver
Brandon Zahorsky (USA) - June 2021
Tick Tick Boom (feat. BygTwo3) - Sage the Gemini
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Dance starts with: Tag 2 (Tick Tick Boom - Arm movements)

Side Stomp, Hold, Sailor Step, Side Stomp, Hold, Sailor Step
1,2Stomp R side R (1), Hold (2)
3&4Step L behind R (3), Step R to R side (&), Step L side L (4)
5,6Stomp R side R (1), Hold (2)
7&8Step L behind R (3), Step R to R side (&), Step L side L (4)

Behind, 1/4 turn Left, Step Pivot 1/4, Cross, Point, Forward, Touch
1,2Step R behind L (1), Step L forward 1/4 turn Left (2) (9:00)
3,4Step R forward (3), Pivot 1/4 turn over L shoulder (4) (6:00)
5,6Cross R over L (5), Point L to side (6)
7,8Step L forward (7), Touch R next to L (8)
First Tag Section - Tag 1 then Tag 2 on 2nd rotation (3:00) - Then restart dance
Second Tag Section - Tag 1 ONLY on 3rd rotation (6:00) - Then restart the dance

Step Back, Hitch, Step Back, Hitch, Coaster Step, Triple Forward
1,2Step R back (1), Hitch L knee (2)
3,4Step L back (3), Hitch R knee (4)
5&6Step R back (5), Step L next to R (&), Step R forward (6)
7&8Triple forward - L,R,L

Rock, Recover, 1/4 Turn, Cross, Hip Bumps, Hip Bumps
1,2Rock R forward (1), Recover L (2)
3,4Step R side 1/4 turn over R shoulder (3), Cross L over R (4) (9:00)
Third Tag Section - Omit 5-8 of end of dance and add Tag 2 - Tick Tick Boom! Restart (3:00)
5&6Touch R diagonal and bump hips, R,L,R (weight ends on R)
7&8Touch L diagonal and bump hips, L,R,L (weight ends on L)
Fourth Tag Section - Tag 1 ONLY - Restart - (12:00)

Tag 1
Hop Forward, Shimmy/Shake, Hop Back, Shimmy Shake
1-2Hop/Step R forward (1), Step L next to R (2) (weight takes L)
3,4Shimmy/Shake upper body (feel the music)
5,6Hop/Step R Back (5), Step L next to R (6) (weight takes L)
7,8Shake your butt (feel the music)

Hop/Jump Side, Heel Out, Hop/Jump Side, Heel Out
1,2Hop/Step R side R (1), Touch L heel out (2)
3,4Shake/Roll your hips
5,6Hop/Step L side L (5), Touch R heel out (6)
7,8Shake/Roll your hips

Tag 2
Tick Tick Boom - Arm movements
*4 count tag, Dance starts with this and happens on the end of second tag as well.
Start with your arms in a "L" shape. Right hand up and left hand under R elbow
1-2R hand ticks down twice to L elbow - like ticking on a clock
3,4R hand over L elbow - L hand under R elbow (3), Push both elbows out at same time (4)

Dance up to counts 26 - Instead of rocking a 1/4 turn into hip bumps, Rock a 1/2 turn back to the front wall and finish with Tag 2 (Tick Tick Boom!)
1,2Rock R forward (1), Recover (2)
3,4Step R 1/2 turn over R shoulder (3), Step L next to R (4) (12:00)
5-8Tag 2 (Tick Tick Boom!) Pose at end of dance facing front wall!


Tini Creative June 22, 2021
wow nice choreo … any teach video available?

OreoBay July 8, 2021
Brandon, looks like a really cute dance. Any chance of you posting a video of you teaching it? I would like to teach it to my class, but would like to make sure I'm doing it correctly. Thank you.

LineDance4You August 14, 2021
I was having trouble following the pattern, so I wrote it up if it helps anyone else. I treated steps 1-16 as A, 17-32 as B, then tags 1&2.

2ABA12ABA1AB(through count 28)2AB1AB(through count 28)2

Great dance, Brandon!

Susan Duncan March 10, 2023
Thanks LineDance4You! I wrote down your sequence for teaching! Love this dance, Brandon! ❤️

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