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Dance on Good Times

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High Beginner
Jane Young (TW) - June 2021
Good Time Girls - Nathan Carter
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Intro: 20 counts (about 13" on instrumental) no tag , no restart

Sec1 - R fwd, L toe touch behind, L back R heel touch fwd, R shuffle, L fwd, R toe touch behind, R back L heel touch fwd, L back shuffle
1&2&R fwd, L- toe touch behind, L back, R-heel touch fwd
3&4R fwd shuffle
5&6&L fwd, R-toe touch behind, R back, L-heel touch fwd
7&8L back shuffle

Sec2 - R weave with brush, 1/4L with touch, L weave with brush, 1/4L with touch
1&2&R to R-side, L behind R, R to R-side , L brush to L- diagonal
3&41/4L L fwd, R to R-side, L touch beside R
5&6&L to L-sdie, R behind R, L to L-side , R brush to R-diagonal
7&81/4L R to R-side, Side rock to L , R touch beside L 6:00

Sec3 - R fwd, L scuff, L fwd, R scuff , R shuffle, L back , hitch R, R back, hitch L , L back shuffle
1&2&R fwd, L scuff fwd, L fwd, R scuff fwd
3&4R fwd shuffle
5&6&L back, hitch R with clap , R back, hitch L with clap
7&8L back shuffle

Sec4 - R toe trut, L toe trut, jazz box, L toe trut, R toe trut, 1/4L jazz box
1&2&R toe touch cross over L ,R heel down, L toe touch L -side ,L heel down
3&4R across L , L back, R to R- side
5&6&L toe touch cross over R, L heel down ,R toe touch R-sdie ,R heel down
7&8L across R ,1/4L R back , L to L- side 3:00

Ending : at Wall 9 (facing 12:00) dance 16 counts but sec2 /
7&81/4R R to side , rock to L . R fwd 12:00

* Choreo for my line dance class on Jun. Ending Party !


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