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Play That Funky Music

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Jun Jae Lee (KOR) - July 2021
Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
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Intro Count: 20c

Sec1 : FW 2 Walk , Rock Chasse , Half Turn&Foot Change, Rock Chasse
123&4RF, LF Fw Walk / RF Fw Rock Chasse(3c:Right Foot Forward, &c:Left foot behind right foot cross, 4c:Right Foot Forward)
5 6 7&8LF Fw Half Turn & Foot Change / LF Fw Rock Chasse(7c:Left foot forward, &c: Cross your right foot behind your left foot,8c:Left foot forward)

Sec2 : Cross Swivel , Back Jump , Rock Chasse
1 2 3 4RF Cross Swivel , LF Point / LF Cross Swivel , RF Point
5 6 7&8RF,LF Back Jump(Diagonal) / RF Fw Rock Chasse(7c:Right Foot Forward, &c:Left foot behind right foot cross,8c:Right Foot Forward)

Sec3 : Cross Check , Ronde Chasse , Back Check , Side Chasse
1 2 3&4LF Cross Check , RF Step / LF Back , RF Together , LF Side
5 6 7&8RF Back , LF Step / RF Side . LF Together , RF Side

Sec4 : Syncopation , Cross Check, Side Chasse, Quarter Turn
1&2 3&4LF Drgh , RF Recover , LF Side / RF Drgh , LF Recover , RF Side
5 6 7&8LF Cross Check , RF Recover/LF Side, RF Together, LF Fw Quarter Turn

* Check(체크) 어느 한 방향으로 스텝 한 발을 멈추고, 다른 쪽 발에 체중을 이동시켜 진행방향을
바꾸는 것을 말한다. 주로 전진에서 후진 또는 후진에서 전진으로 움직임을 바꾸는 스텝이다.
(It refers to stopping one step in one direction and shifting one's weight to the other to change the direction of progress. Mainly a step that changes movement from forward to backward or backward to forward)


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