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Tequila Sundown

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Sarah Caldwell, Laura Sway (UK) & I.C.E. (ES) - July 2021
Tequila Sundown - Jon Wolfe
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Note- Dance starts after 16 counts facing left diagonal 10.30

S1- Rock forward right to left diagonal, recover on left, shuffle back on right, left back rock, left side rock.
123&4-Rock forward on the right to left diagonal (10.30) recover weight onto left, step back on right, close left to right, step back on right.
5678-Rock back on left, recover on right, Rock left to left side, recover weight on right, straightening up to (12.00)

S2- Front side behind, sweep, step back touch left (click) step left sweep right forward.
1234-Cross left over right, step right to right side, step left behind right, sweep right foot round from front to back.
5678-Step Back on the right, Touch left to left side (click fingers) step forward on left, sweep right from back to the front

S3- Cross over, side, ¼ step right, flick left foot up, step left, ½ left, shuffle back left.
1234-Cross right over left, step left to left side, step back on the right making ¼ turn right, flick your left foot up behind. (Ole) (3.00)
5678-step forward on the left, make ½ turn left stepping back on the right, step back on the left, step right to left, step back on the left. (9.00)

S4- Step right back, cross touch (click) shuffle forward left, hip bumps right left right, hip left making 1/8 left.
123&4-step back on the right, touch left across right (click fingers) step forward on left, step right to left, step forward on left.
567-bump hips right left right
8-bump hip left making. 1/8 turn left ready to start the dance again on the diagonal.

TAG End of wall 4, facing 10.30 (front wall)
Stay facing your diagonal, Cross rock, recover, side rock, recover, right jazz box.
1234-Rock right across left, recover on left, Rock right to right side, weight on left.
5678-right Over left, step back on the left, step right to right side, step forward on left.


Last Update - 22 July 2021


catman July 20, 2021
Where do I go off the diagonal? If I'm at 10:30 and I turn 1/4, I'm still on the diagonal; same with a 1/2 turn from there. If I turn 1/8 at the end, I'm squaring up. Clock directions throughout the dance would help. And I assume I'm starting after 16 counts. Writing a clear and understandable step sheet is just as important as writing good choreography. Thank you for starting the demo facing away from the camera--I wish more demos would do that, if they are not on an angle.

Babarbara July 21, 2021
catman - I thought exactly the same. If the dance was done as per the script then all sections would be danced on the diagonals. Demo shows dancer squaring up to 12 o'clock wall at the end of section 1 but this is not explained in the script, oversight maybe. I presume making Sec 1 on the diagonals is just to make it a little bit different from dancing it square on. I agree clock direction can help a lot.
Good dance and song though.

Laura Sway xxxxx July 21, 2021
Thanks for your feedback,
Firstly I had actually added the start times on the original script I had sent in but for some reason it isn’t on there so I’ve just asked them to add it on the the notes section.
I’ve added a few times to the sheet as well as I see I had missed the time in the first section.
Anyway thanks again :-)

Jules July 25, 2021
Lovely dance from Sarah and Laura xx

Elaine 2020 July 26, 2021
Love this dance and music.

StevieFish July 27, 2021
Love this music, dance is great
Look forward to teaching it

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