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Cry Just A Little Bit '2021'

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Janet Hazel (MY) - July 2021
Cry Just a Little Bit - Shakin' Stevens
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Tags after wall 2, wall 4 & wall 7

(1-8): Shuffle to the right , rock back left recover right, shuffle to the left , Rock back right recover left
1&2Shuffle to the right
3, 4Rock back left and recover right
5&6Shuffle to the left
7, 8Rock back right and recover left

(9-16) :Shuffle to the right, triple step on left right left turning ¾ to the right, step back and kick ball change
1&2Shuffle to the right
3&4Triple step on left right left turning ¾ to the right facing 9 o'clock
5, 6Rock back right, recover on left
7&8Kick ball change

(17-24): Vine to the right make a full turn on the left and touch right Together
1-4Vine to the right step right, step left behind, step right and left touch
5-8Make a full turn step left, right, left and right touch still facing 9 o'clock

(24-32): Toe strut right toe strut left paddling quarter turn to the the right
1-4Toe strut right foot, toe strut left foot (Option with shimmy shimmy)
5-8Paddle to the right quarter turn left (2X)

Tag - 8 count: End of wall 2, wall 4 & wall 7
Jazz box half turn half turn
1-4Jazz box right foot
5-8Right Half turn and Right half turn


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