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High Improver
Colin Ghys (BEL) - July 2021
Papaya (Sick Wit It Crew Mix) - Conkarah
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#32 Count Intro

[01 - 08]: Walk, Walk, Skate, ½ Skate, Walk, Walk, Hitch Ball Step
1-2Step right forward, step left forward
3-4Small skate right forward, turn ½ left small skate left forward (6:00)
5-6Step right forward, step left forward
7&8Hitch right knee, step right beside left, step left forward

[09 - 16]: V-Step, Step ½ Pivot, ¼ Hitch, Side Drag Touch Behind
1-2Step right to right diagonal, step left to left diagonal
3-4Step right back, step left beside right
5-6Step right forward, pivot ½ left transferring weight onto left (12:00)
Restart Here on Walls 2, 7 & 11 add the following then restart
7-8Step right forward, pivot ½ left transferring weight onto left
*Other actions
7Turn ¼ left hitch right knee
Arms Push on right leg with both hands
8Step right to right dragging left towards right

[17 - 24]: Hips, Side, Touch Behind, ½ Unwind, Jump Out, Jump In
1Touch left behind right
Arms Place right hand on right hip and left hand on the left side of head
2-4Rotate hips clockwise x 3 (Drop hands)
5-6Step left to left, touch right behind left
7&8Unwind ½ right, jump both feet out, jump both feet in weight on left (3:00)

[25 - 32]: ½ Turn Camel Walks, Step Fwd, Mambo ½ Turn, ¼ Step Slide, Touch
1-2Step right forward popping left knee, turn ¼ right step left forward popping right knee (6:00)
3-4Turn ¼ right step right forward popping left knee, step left forward (9:00)
5&6Rock right forward, recover weight onto left, turn ½ right step right forward (3:00)
7-8Turn ¼ right step left to left sliding right towards left, touch right beside left (6:00)

Ending After Count 14 of Wall 15 add the following to end facing 12:00
7-8Step Right forward, Step Left forward

2021 1 AUG 7


GhysColin July 26, 2021
Il here if you need some help ;-)

We linedance July 26, 2021
Section 3

I love it !!!!!

Rotating hips is killing me... HELP~~~

GhysColin July 27, 2021

Tini Creative July 27, 2021
yess… great choreo …

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