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Tonight We're Dancing

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Maddison Glover (AUS) - August 2021
Tonight We're Dancing - Chris Young
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#16 Count Introduction

Lunge, ¼ Forward, Forward, 1/8 Forward Sweep, Cross, 1/8 Back, Back Rock, 7/8 Turn with Sweep, Cross, Side
1,2&Lunge/ Rock R out to R side, turn ¼ L stepping L fwd (9:00), step R fwd
3Turn 1/8 L stepping L fwd as you sweep R around anti-clockwise (7:30)
4&5Still facing 7:30: Cross R over L, turn 1/8 R stepping L slightly to L side/ back (9:00), rock R back
6&Recover weight fwd onto L, make ½ turn over L stepping R back (3:00)
7Make 3/8 turn over L stepping L fwd as you sweep R around anti-clockwise (11:30)
8&Cross R over L, step L to L side

Back, Back, 1/8 Side, Cross/ Rock, Recover, Side, Cross/ Rock, Side, Cross, Slow Sway, 2 Quick Sways
1,2&Step R back as you drag L toe back towards R, step L back, turn 1/8 R stepping R to R side (12:00)
3,4&Cross rock L over R, recover weight back onto R, step L to L side
5&6&Cross rock R over L, recover weight back onto L, step R to R side, cross L over R
7,8&Step R to R side as you sway to R side, sway to L side, sway to R side

¼ Hitch, Forward, Forward, Rock Forward, Recover, ½ Forward, ¼ Nightclub Basic, Weave
1,2&Make ¼ turn L as you recover weight onto L whilst hitching R knee up (9:00), step R fwd, step L fwd
3,4&Rock R fwd, recover weight back onto L, make ½ turn over R stepping R fwd (3:00)
5,6&Make ¼ turn R as you step L to L side (6:00), step R beside L, cross L over R
7&8&Step R to R side, cross L behind, step R to R side, cross L over R
Note: Option to increase the difficulty includes turns for counts 7&8&
Turning over L stepping R, L, R, L (¼ back, ½ forward, ½ back, ½ forward, ¼ lunge to restart to the dance)

There could have been a restart during the third sequence however; I have chosen to dance through it as the chorus comes in again after sixteen counts.
Facebook: Maddison Glover Line Dance
Facebook: Illawarra Country Bootscooters

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Ann-Jeanett August 10, 2021
Lovely Dance! ♥️

Selvin August 17, 2021
Vote 26

anniemac August 17, 2021
Beautiful dance!

Applejack August 24, 2021
Come at the exact moment I was looking for an improver nightclub to teach with not many turns! Perfect!

Kato December 26, 2021
Brilliantly simple but stylish and just what we need to start off the new year. Thank you.

Wizabef June 3, 2022
The most beautiful dance, to a beautiful song ... Love it ♥️

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