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Romain Brasme (FR) & Gregory Danvoie (BEL) - August 2021
Rise - Lost Frequencies
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S1. Side rock, recover, cross Shuffle, step fwd, pivot 1/2 turn, 1/2 turn, 1/4 turn
1-2RF side rock, recover
3&4RF cross Shuffle
5-6LF step fwd, pivot 1/2 turn to the R
7-8LF step back With 1/2 turn to the R, RF step to the side with 1/4 turn to the R

S2. Cross rock, recover, side step X2, Sway X4
1&2LF cross rock, recover, LF step to the side
3&4RF cross rock, recover, RF step to the side
5-6Sway to the L, sway to the R
7-8Sway to the L, Sway to the R

S3. Side step, coaster step 1/4, hitch, step back X3, touch
1LF step to the side
2&3RF coaster step with 1/4 turn to the R
4LF hitch
5-6LF step back, RF step back
7-8LF step back, RF touch next to the LF

S4. Touch fwd, touch side, together, touch side, together, scuff, jazz box 1/4
1-2RF touch fwd, RF touch to the side
&3RF step next to LF, LF touch to the side
&4LF step next to RF, RF scuff
5-6-7-8RF jazz box with 1/4 turn to the R

OPTION : During the chorus when you ear « RISE » : raise your hands at the same time as you make the 3 back step

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Jessica 🐭🇸🇪 October 21, 2021
Love it!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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