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How Sweet It Is

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Absolute Beginner
Maria Cirino (USA) - August 2021
Begin dance 32 counts from the start right before he sings "I needed the shelter..." (approx. 18 seconds into the track). No tags, no restarts

I created this dance for one of my students who wanted an easy line dance to dance with her son at his wedding (he picked this song to dance with his Mom!). This can be danced with a floor split with the Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs' intermediate dance of the same title.

[1 - 8] Stroll slight diagonal right w/brush; Stroll slight diagonal left w/brush
1-4Step R forward slight diagonal (1), slide L together (2), step R forward slight diagonal (3), brush L together/forward (4)
5-8Step L forward slight diagonal (5), slide R together (6), step L forward slight diagonal (7), brush R together/forward (8)

[9 - 16] Vine right w/touch; Vine left w/brush*
1-4Step R side (1), cross L behind R (2), step R side (3), touch L together (4)
5-8Step L side (5), cross R behind L (6), step L side (7), brush R together/forward (8)

[17 - 24] Rocking chair; 2 step ½ turn pivots CCW
1-4Step R forward (1), rock weight back to L-foot (2), step R back (3), rock weight forward to L-foot (4)
5-8Step R forward (5), pivot ½ turn CCW and shift weight to L-foot (6), step R forward (7), pivot ½ turn CCW and shift weight to L-foot (8)

[25 - 32] Step, point, hold, hold; walk backwards 3 steps and touch
1-2Step R forward (1), point L toe side and swing arms at waist level to the side (2), hold position for two counts (3,4) - [lower arms after count 4]
5-8Step L back (5), step R back (6), step L back (7), touch R together (8)

Begin again and have fun!

No tags, no restarts.

*Optional: you can do a rolling vine to the right on counts 9-12 instead of a regular vine and a rolling vine to the left on counts 13-16 instead of a regular vine.



Rhonda Johnson March 8, 2023
Cute! I did it with my AB class. Just changed the turns to 1/4 to make it 2 walls.

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