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Think About Things

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Steve Rutter (UK) & Claire Rutter (UK) - August 2021
Think About Things - Daði Freyr : (Album: This Is Daði Freyr)
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(16 Count Intro' from start of main beat - 32 Secs)

Section 1 - Right Vine, Toe Touch, (Side, Touch Behind with Arm movements) x2.
1-2Step right to right side, Cross left behind right.
3-4Step right to right side, touch left toe beside right.
5-6Step left to left side (Pointing index finger of both hands up above head and to the right), touch right toe behind left heel (pointing index fingers of both hands down towards left side)
7-8Step right to right side (Pointing index fingers of both hands up above head and to the left), touch left toe behind right heel (Pointing index fingers of both hands down towards right side).(12 O'Clock)

Section 2 - Left Vine , Toe Touch, Hip Bumps (With Right Hand Wafting).
1-2Step left to left side, cross right behind left.
3-4Step left to left side, touch right toe beside left.
5-8Placing left hand on left hip and placing weight down on to right foot, bump hips right 4 times.
Arms: During counts 5-8, Left hand is placed on left hip, right hand is down at right side with straight arm, palm facing right thigh. At the same time as hips bump right, lift right hand, so that back of right hand faces upwards, palm facing down, then drop down again x4 - rather like wafting away a bad smell!!!)(12 O'Clock)

Section 3 - (Cross, Point) x2, Jazz Box with ¼ Turn Left, Toe Touch.
1-2Cross left over right, touch right toe to right side
3-4Cross right over left, touch left toe to left side.
5-6Cross left over right, step back on right.
7-8Make a quarter turn left stepping left to left side, touch right toe beside left.(9 O'Clock)

Section 4 - V-Step, Head Turn, Point, Flick.
1-2Step right forward and out towards right corner, step left forward and out towards left corner.
3-4Step right back, close left beside right.
5-6Turn head a quarter turn to look right, turn head back to centre.
Arms: With both hands down at sides, with straight arms, on count 5 lift hands to right (left palm facing up, right palm facing down), then drop both hands on count 6.
7-8Point right toe to right side, flick right behind left.(9 O'Clock)

TAG: At the end of Wall 3 (Facing 3'O'Clock), add the following 4 count tag:-
1-2Touch right toe to right side, touch right toe forward.
3-4Touch right toe to right side, Flick right behind left.

Begin Again & Enjoy!



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