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Sue Wellesley-Davies (NZ) - September 2021
Visiting Hours - Ed Sheeran
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Dance Starts after 16 Counts
Restarts: Wall 3 and Wall 6 after 8 counts

Section 1: Step Back R, Sweep L, Step L, Sweep R, Step Back R, Sweep L, Rock back L, Recover R. Step Fwd L, Sweep R, Step Fwd R, Sweep L, Step Fwd L, Sweep R, Cross R over L, Unwind ½ L
1&2&3&4&Step R foot back, Sweep L foot back, Step L foot back, Sweep R foot back, Step R foot back, Sweep L foot back, Rock back onto L foot, Recover fwd onto R
5&6&7&8&Step L foot fwd, Sweep R foot fwd, Step R foot fwd, Sweep L foot fwd, Step L foot fwd, Sweep R foot fwd, Cross R foot over L, Unwind ½ turn over L shoulder

Section 2: Side Drag, Behind, ¼ Turn, ¼ Side Drag, Behind, Rock Back, Recover X 2
1,2& 3,4&Big Step to R, Step L behind, ¼ Turn R with R Foot, Turn a further ¼ Turn and Big Step to L, Step R behind, Recover onto L
5,6& 7,8&Repeat Above
Section 3: Cross Rock, Recover, Cross Rock, Recover, Rocking Chair
1,2& 3,4&Rock R across L, Recover onto L, Ball Change to R foot, Rock L across R, Recover onto R, Ball Change to L foot
5,6,7,8Rock weight Fwd onto R foot, Rock weight back onto L, Rock weight Back onto R foot, Rock weight fwd onto L

Section 4: Skate Fwd, R, L, Shuffle Fwd, R/L/R, Rock Fwd onto L, Recover onto R, Shuffle Back, L/R/L
1,2,3&4Push R foot Fwd to R diagonal, Push L foot Fwd to L diagonal, Shuffle Fwd, R/L/R
5,6,7&8Rock Weight Fwd onto L foot, Recover back onto R foot, Shuffle backwards L/R/L


Calder September 3, 2021
Hello from Canada,
Great Job!

suewd September 3, 2021
Hi there Canada - and a big Thank You! XX There are some more videos on the way too!

OrewaAnn September 5, 2021
Lots of nice sweeping steps. I’m practicing for Tuesday!

lapu September 14, 2021
Very nice dance. I really like the sweeps. Lovely Dance, Sue!!! Anna

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