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No Fear for the Fight

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High Intermediate
Martine Canonne (FR), Jef Camps (BEL), Laura Bartolomei (FR), Gwendoline HOPIN (FR), Guerric Auville (FR) & Sébastien BONNIER (FR) - September 2021
Intro: 32 counts

S1: Side, Drag, Back Rock/Recover, ½ Hinge, Cross Shuffle
1-2RF big step side, LF drag towards RF
3-4LF rock behind RF, recover on RF
5-6¼ turn R & LF step back, ¼ turn R & RF step side (6:00)
7&8LF cross over RF, RF step side, LF cross over RF

S2: Side, 1/8 Touch, Kick-Ball-Step, ½ Back/Sweep, Back, ½ Fwd
1-2RF step side, 1/8 turn L & LF touch next to RF (4:30)
3&4LF kick forward, LF close next to RF, RF step slightly forward
5-6½ turn R & LF step back while sweeping RF back for 2 counts (10:30)
7-8RF step back, ½ turn L & LF step forward (4:30)

S3: Step Fwd, Slow ½ Turn, Point, Full Spiral, Walks Fwd, 1/8 Side
1RF step forward
2-3-4make slow ½ turn L on RF while you stretch L-leg into a forward point (10:30)
5-6Put weight on LF and make a full spiral turn R, RF step forward (10:30)
7-8LF step forward, 1/8 turn L & RF step side (9:00)

S4: Behind/Sweep, Behind, ¼ Fwd, Step Fwd, ½ Pivot, ¼ Side, Behind
1-2LF cross behind RF & sweep RF backwards over 2 counts
3-4RF cross behind LF, ¼ turn L & LF step forward (6:00)
5-6RF step forward, make ½ turn L putting weight on LF (12:00)
7-8¼ turn L & RF step side, LF cross behind RF (9:00) ***

S5: Chasse, ¼ Chasse, Point, ½ Unwind, Cross, Hitch
1&2RF step side, LF close next to RF, RF step side
3&4¼ turn R & LF step side, RF close next to LF, LF step side (12:00)
5-6RF point behind L, make ½ turn R on RF (6:00)
7-8LF cross over RF, R-knee hitch

S6: Cross, Side, Behind-Side-Cross, Big Side, Drag, Ball, Side Rock/Recover
1-2RF cross over LF, LF step side
3&4RF cross behind LF, LF step side, RF cross over LF
5-6LF big step side, RF drag towards LF
&7-8RF close on ball next to LF, LF rock side, recover on RF

S7: Cross, Side, 1/8 Shuffle Back, Rock Back/Recover, Full Turn
1-2LF cross over RF, RF step side
3&41/8 turn L & LF step back, RF close next to LF, LF step back (4:30)
5-6RF rock back, recover on LF
7-8½ turn L & RF step back, ½ turn L & LF step forward (4:30)

S8: Step Fwd, 1/8 Side, 1/8 Shuffle Back, Step Back, Drag, Together, 1/8 Cross
1-2RF step forward, 1/8 turn R & LF step side (6:00)
3-41/8 turn R & RF step back, LF close next to RF, RF step back (7:30)
5-6LF big step back, RF drag towards LF
7-8RF close next to LF, LF cross over RF while turning 1/8 turn L (6:00)

Start again & have fun.

Tags: In wall 2 after 32 counts dance following steps before you restart the dance + you also dance the tag after wall 5.
1-4Step RF side, stretch both arms out sideways and bring slowly forward with palms facing forward

Restarts: in wall 2 after 32 counts dance the tag and restart the dance to 3:00. In wall 4 after 32 counts just restart the dance.


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