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Don't Shut Me Down

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Annette Lapp (DK) - September 2021
Don't Shut Me Down - ABBA : (Album: Single - iTunes)
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Intro: 64 count
It's a long intro. You can wait or you can do following after 16 count, 3 times:
Side together, side together right and left.
Walk forward right, left right, touch, walk back left, right, left, touch

The main dance:
Run, Run, Run on The Spot, ¼ turn Left Chasse, Back Rock, ¼ Turn Right, Tap Left in Front
1 &2Run right, left, right on the spot
3 &4Turn ¼ to the left stepping left to left, step right beside left, step left to left
5 - 6Rock right back, recover on left
7 - 8¼ turn right stepping right back, tap left in front of right and snap fingers

Step Touch, Shuffle Forward, Heel Switches, Forward Rock, Recover
1 - 2Step left forward, step right beside left
3 & 4Step left forward, touch right beside left, step left forward
5 & 6 &Touch right heel forward, step right beside left, step left heel forward, step left beside right
7 - 8Rock right forward, recover onto left

Chasse Right, ¼ Turn Right with Back Rock, ½ Turn Shuffle Left, Back Rock
1 & 2Step right to right, step left beside right, step right to right
3 - 4¼ turn right stepping left back, recover onto right
5 & 61/4 turn left stepping left to left, right beside left, ¼ turn left stepping left back
7 - 8step right back, recover onto left

Right Diagonal Forward, Touch, Left Diagonal Shuffle Back, Right Diagonal Back, Touch, Left Diagonal Forward with ¼ Turn Left (a sort of "K - Step" with ¼ turn)
1 - 2Step right diagonally forward, touch left beside right
3 & 4Step left diagonally back, step right beside left, step left back
5 - 6Step right diagonally back, touch left
7 & 8¼ turn left stepping left to left, step right beside left, step left to left

Restart on wall 1 and 6 after 16 count (12.00)
Ending: You end the dance on wall 6. (06.00) Make an unwind and pose...



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