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My Acapulco

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Winda Dendi (INA), Shumie (INA), Ira Barie (INA), Tomi (INA), Julian Syah (INA) & Ferry Indieliners (INA) - September 2021
Acapulco - Jason Derulo
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Intro 32 count - No Tag No Restart

Sec 1. Side rock R, Recover L, 1/2 turn L unwind, &Side, Hold, &Side, 1/2 turn R, Side
1-2Rock RF to R side, recover on LF
3-4Step RF cross over LF, 1/2 turn L (6 o'clock)
&5-6Step LF next to R, Step RF to R side, hold
&7-8Step LF next to R, step RF to R side, 1/2 turn R step RF to R side (weight on RF) (12 o'clock)

Sec 2. Cross,1/4 turn L Backward, Coaster Step, Dorothy R-L
1-2Cross LF over RF, 1/4 turn L Step RF bacward (9 o'clock)
3&4Step LF backward, step RF beside LF, step LF forward
5-6&Step RF diag R forward, Step LF behind RF, Step RF diag R forward
7-8&Step LF diag L forward, Step RF behind LF, Step LF diag L forward

Sec 3. Scuff, Bend Knee In, 1/4 turn R, Out, Out, 1/8 turn L, Kick Ball Change
1-2Scuff on RF, step RF to R side
3-4Bend RF knee in, 1/4 turn R step RF forward (12 o'clock)
5-6Step RF to R Side, Step LF to L side
7&81/8 turn L Kick RF forward, step RF beside LF, Step LF in place (10.30 o'clock)

Sec 4. Rock Fwd, Recover L, Coaster Step, 1/8 turn L, Vaudaville, Cross, 1/2 turn L, Cross
1-2Rock RF forward, recover on LF
3&4Step RF backward, Step LF beside RF, step RF forward (10.30 o'clock)
5&6&1/8 turn L Step LF cross over RF, Step RF to side, touch LF heel diagonal L, step LF in place (9 o'clock)
7-8Step RF cross over LF, 1/2 turn L step LF cross over RF (3 o'clock)

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Anna Luvee September 9, 2021
Doneβœ… Vote 6 ❀️ Sukses utk semuanya yahπŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ’žβ€οΈ

Erni September 9, 2021
Vote 13

TiniCreative September 9, 2021
Nice choreo and like

Grace Queen September 10, 2021
Vote 22 πŸ˜πŸ’•
I've been waiting for you to come ^^
Thank you for the good choreography 😊

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