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Old Records

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Absolute Beginner
Elaine Cook (CAN), Rob Fowler (ES) & I.C.E. (ES) - June 2021
Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band : (CD: The Original Masters Greatest Hits)
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Intro: Piano riff, then lyrics "Just take those old records off the shelf" - Start on the word "off" (approx. 7 secs)

S1 [1-8] Hustle Walks Forward, Kick, Hustle Walks Back, Touch
1-4Step R forward, Step L forward, Step R forward, Small kick L
5-8Step L back, Step R back, Step L back, Touch R beside L
S2 [9-16] Step Touches Forward & Back Twice (with optional styling)
1-4Step R forward, Touch L beside R, Step L back, Touch R beside L
5-8Step R forward, Touch L beside R, Step L back, Touch R beside L
For optional styling: when stepping forward, bend down & clap with the touch, when stepping back, stand up & click fingers with the touch.
Another option is to shimmy when bending down and up. Have fun with it.
S3 [17-24] Basic R ¼ Right, Touch, Basic L, Hold
1-4Step R side, Step L beside R, Step R ¼ right, Touch L beside R- 3:00
5-8Step L side, Step R beside L, Step L side, Hold (leaving feet shoulder-width apart)
S4 [25-32] Elvis Knees: R Knee in, Hold, L Knee in, Hold, Knees in R,L,R, Hold
1-4R Knee in, Hold, L Knee in, Hold
5-8R Knee in, L Knee in, R Knee in, Hold
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Last Update - 13 Sept. 2021


Selvin September 15, 2021
Vote 17

Stayin Alive November 7, 2021
Cute dance, I'll give it a try.

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